Hamas Leader Imad al-Alami Shoots Himself in the Head?

By Faye Higbee

Hamas Leader Imad al-Alami allegedly “accidentally” shot himself in the head while “inspecting” his own weapon. He is in critical condition at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. In 2003, he was listed in the US as a “specially designated global terrorist,” because he was a member of the ruling Hamas political bureau and had oversight of the terrorist group’s military wing in Gaza and the West Bank, according to the BBC.

The “accident” reportedly happened at his home, no witnesses, no corroborating information on the circumstances.

While the headline seems humorous to some of us, and we’d like to giggle and say “oops,” we wonder if it’s actually the case. Imad al-Amadi is one of the founders of Hamas in Gaza, and once served as the group’s representative to Iran.  Was this an assassination attempt? Or did he attempt to take his own life, after reportedly being diagnosed with cancer last year? Hamas has a habit of trying to cover up things, and this is one of them.

The Times of Israel reported,

Al-Alami, also known as Abu Hamam, was born in Gaza in 1956. He was one of the founders of Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, and served as the terror group’s main representative in Tehran for many years before moving to Damascus in 2008.

At the start of the Syrian civil war in 2012, he was the last Hamas leader to leave Damascus and return to Gaza, where he was quickly elected as deputy Hamas leader, a capacity in which he served until last year’s elections.

According to the Times article, al-Alami normally stays out of the press, and has no active social media platform.

He was deported from Gaza in 1991 after being arrested in 1988 for participating in terrorist acts. He is 62 years old.

Imad al-Alami was seriously injured in 2014, but the circumstances are murky. Different media are reporting different reasons for his leg injuries. Some say an elevator inside a Hamas tunnel collapsed on his leg, or that he was injured in a gun battle. Ynet stated that his legs were broken by unknown persons throwing him off a high place in an alleged “feud” with another Hamas leader, Fathi Hamad.

So we’re back to the original statement by Hamas. He “accidentally” shot himself in the head while “inspecting” his gun. Sure. If they say so.


Fetured photo: Screenshot of al-Alami via YouTube