Guy Whidden – A WWII Veteran’s Lighthearted #MohawkChallenge

By Faye Higbee

Guy Whidden is a 96 year old WWII veteran, a member of the 502nd 101st Airborne in WWII. He got his hair cut into a Mohawk by his Granddaughter for a #MohawkChallenge meant to honor fallen paratroopers. He appears to have enjoyed his travel back in time, saying that it made him feel like “young buck.”

“A lot of people are going through a lot of problems with the [coronavirus], some of them are frightened, some of them are just concerned, and they’re locked in and it gets boring to a certain extent. I just thought this would add a little humor or something to the whole thing.” Guy Whidden to the Frederick News Post

guy whidden

Facebook photo

He actually had his hair cut that way in WWII when he was set to go to Normandy in 1944. He and his fellow paratroopers were hoping to intimidate the Germans. Unfortunately, it didn’t go over well with the commanding officer, who made them shave it off. Guy Whidden was the only member of his squad to survive the jump into Normandy.

The New York Post reported,

Inspired by the global fight to stop the spread of COVID-19, Whidden asked his granddaughter, New Yorker Lydia Arshadi, to help shave his hair into a sharp style similar to the one he wore on that fateful day nearly 76 years ago.

It’s all part of the quarantine “wake-up call,” according to the proud member of the Greatest Generation.

“Back in our day, World War II was referred to as a national emergency,” Whidden tells his local news outlet. “And this is what we’re going through now, a national emergency. This isn’t easy for people, and everybody’s working together, and that’s the good part of it, just like we did back in World War II.”

“When a  96 year old wants to do something, you do whatever he wants.” Lydia Arshadi

So true, Lydia, especially a member of the Greatest Generation.

Lydia Arshadi’s #MohawkChallenge brought veterans and military members from all over the world. And it made her Grandpa extremely happy to see the participants.

Whidden is the author of a 2009 book called “Between the Lines and Beyond:  Letters of a 101st Airborne Paratrooper.” The book chronicled his experiences and letters from WWII. “Through Guy’s letters and narrative, we relive many of his experiences: Army training, the voyage to England, his historic jumps into Normandy on D-Day and into Holland during Operation Market Garden, and being seriously wounded by a German morter [sic] shell that killed three of his friends…nearly causing his own leg to be amputated.”

Great job, Mr. Whidden! No one will make you shave that Mohawk off this time!

Featured photo: Facebook


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