Gutsy Women Escape Kidnappers, 1 in Custody, 1 at Large

By Faye Higbee

Gutsy Women Escape Kidnappers, 1 in Custody, 1 at Large

Two men lured a woman and her 4 teenage daughters into their Centerville, Utah home on Tuesday, tied them up with zipties, and hit the woman with a baseball bat. After their victims  managed to escape, the men fled to Pinedale,Wyoming, where one of them surrendered to authorities Saturday morning. The younger man is on the loose and considered armed and dangerous.

Derrick James Harrison is still at large

Gutsy victims

The two men, Flint Wayne Harrison, 51, and Dereck James Harrison, 22, lured the women to a BBQ at their home.

Deseret News reported,

Flint and Dereck Harrison asked the woman and her daughters — 13, 15, 17 and 18 years old — to come to a home at 190 N. 700 East for a barbecue, according to Centerville Police Lt. Von Steenblik.

The men used the barbecue as “a ruse to get them to the house,” Steenblik said.

When the women got to the house, the men invited them down to the basement.

“They’ve got the baseball bat and they’ve got a shotgun. They’ve got zip ties and duct tape that’s all set up and ready to go — duct tape torn to strips, and zip ties that are zipped together — and they start zip tying hands and feet,” he said.

But the plan went awry when the teens realized the men were serious,and saw them put duct tape on their mom’s  mouth and a bag over her head. Then one of the men hit the woman with a baseball bat.

One of the girls pushed a shotgun away that was pointed at her head and chaos ensued. The women escaped and called the police, as the men drove away before police arrived.

“That’s when the girls kind of freak out because their mom is being assaulted and they start to break loose. Then the two suspects are trying to contain the girls and the mom, and it goes to chaos.” Centerville Police Lt. Von Steenblik

The men had been doing meth for several days and incorrectly believed the woman had turned them in to police.

Flint Wayne Harrison turned himself in Saturday morning


On Saturday morning, the elder Harrison turned himself in to the Sublette County Sheriff in Pinedale, Wyoming.  He is a registered sex offender int Pinedale. News media were not immediately aware of why he did that, or why he is reportedly cooperating with them to find his son.

He was last seen in the Half Moon area of Sublette County with camping gear, and authorities are searching for him. He is considered armed and dangerous.

Fox reported,

“As of Saturday morning, authorities evacuated the Half Moon Lake campground and set up a roadblock on one road, according to the station. The search also included a police helicopter with infrared capabilities.

Though residents have not been directly threatened, the Sublette Sheriff’s Office urged Pinedale residents to consider sheltering in place until the DJ Harrison was apprehended…”

The men are both facing 16 counts of aggravated kidnapping and drug charges.