Gunner Scott, Musician – Veterans, Reach Out

By Faye Higbee

Gunner Scott’s music comes directly from his heart. This Marine Veteran uses his music as therapy – and with excellent talent to match his ability with a firearm, he’s working to make a career in the Music Industry.

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Gunner Scott, Musician!

From Corps to Country Music

Gunner Scott, the stage name for Cpl. Brandon Sleeman,  spent 4 years in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2010 to 2014. He is a veteran of Afghanistan, having served one tour there with the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines. He was a Scout Sniper (SSP).

He was also on the Marine Corps Shooting Team in Hawaii at MCB. It was the OIC who taught him  much in that period of time that became the inspiration for his stage name. The Chief Warrant Officer 2 was Gunner Jordan Kramp.

So Brandon not only can sing, he can shoot.

He is a native of Friendship, Wisconsin. When he got out of the Corps, his desire was to touch veterans, and even civilians with his music. And it was music that helped him through the hard times.

gunner scott

His music comes from his heart

Gunner Scott Music

“Gunner” has been writing lyrics since he was in High School. His lyrics are filled with his own personal experiences and thoughts on whatever is occurring both in his personal life and the nation around him. They come directly from his heart.

“I express myself through the music. It’s like therapy for me.”

He recently acquired some “veterans” of the music industry in Nashville who are backing up his singing endeavors. They’re on the rock side, and he’s on the country side, so it makes for a great team.

His recent song (see below) “What Gives You My Rights” was written when he had an argument with someone who felt “entitled” to something he earned by risking his life.

“I went to school on the GI Bill. School was free for me, but I served, I earned that right. Someone got snotty with me and we had an argument because they felt entitled to it. My generation…they feel like they don’t have to work for anything.”

Hence, “What gives you my rights” was born.

Another song recently released is called ” Help Me Help Her” and can be found on You Tube under Gunner Scott Music.

All of his music is original.


Gunner hopes to “join the fight” for veterans. Every song tells a story, and as a lyricist, he hopes to continue to develop his music into something that will make a difference for his fellow veterans, and others. Success along the way would be a good thing too.

“I didn’t want to reach out when I got out of the Corps. Many of my fellow veterans don’t want to either. But it’s important to get past our egos and reach out to each other.”

Amen to that, Gunner Scott. It’s all about making relationships that can help each other through the hard times. Semper Fi and best wishes.