Gunman Opens Fire at Mercy Hospital in Chicago

By Faye Higbee

Bronzeville — A gunman opened fire at Mercy Hospital in Chicago on Monday afternoon. Preliminary information says that two people are in critical condition, two people are dead, including a Chicago Police officer and the suspect, according to Fox. The suspect was only identified as a 32 year old male. Some of the details of this incident are still unclear.

MyDaytonDailyNews reported:

“James Gray told the Chicago Tribune  that he was coming out of a clinic area at the hospital when he saw the gunman, who was dressed in a black hat and coat, walking and talking with a woman outside the hospital before shooting her three times in the chest. Gray then said the man stood over the woman and shot her three more times after she was on the ground. He told the Tribune that a police car came upon the scene and the gunman started shooting at officers.”

One officer was critically wounded in the exchange of gunfire. Another who was shot at by the suspect had the bullet hit his holster and embedded itself in his gun.

Twitter photo

The woman described by witness Gray was a doctor at the hospital and was shot by her former fiancee, according to ABC7. Her name was Dr. Tamara O’Neal. According to authorities, the doctor was the intended target. One of the injured was a nurse at the hospital.

Employees in the hospital reportedly locked themselves in the pharmacy and waiting areas on an upper floor, and followed their active shooter protocol. The hospital was cleared and lockdown lifted.