Gunman Identified in Congressional Shooting- Bernie Sanders Supporter

By Faye Higbee

Radical leftist James T. Hodgkinson started off his morning with a Congressional shooting, Some members of the House GOP were at a baseball practice for an upcoming bipartisan match. He opened fire, shooting Rep Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip, a staffer for Texas Rep. Roger Williams, a lobbyist, and 2 Capitol Police officers. All are expected to recover. The police officers were part of Scalise’s security detail and returned fire along with Alexandria police. Hodgkinson was a Democrat who once worked for Bernie Sanders. And he is dead.

Bernie Sanders says the shooter volunteered for his campaign:

This was a deliberate attack against Republicans in Congress by a far left Democrat Socialist.

Then there were the jokes and threats:

And this is what it comes down to: the left wingers and their anti-Trump hatred have fueled the actions of many.

Then there are the questions raised:

He has a good point. How did Hodgkinson learn about the practice? Who “leaked” the information? It wasn’t “random,” it was targeted, as his Facebook page (which has since been removed) revealed.

Older Twitter photo showing Hodgkinson

James Hodgkinson had a criminal record from 2006.

This was a political shooting by a left-wing never-Trumper.