Gunfight at a Gun Store? Over a $25 Repair Fee?

By Faye Higbee

Gunfight at a Gun Store? Over a $25 Repair Fee?

If you haven’t noticed, it appears that the entire world has lost their minds. People have no common sense anymore and are so touchy that even a small fee causes eruptions. Such was the case in Henleyfield, Mississippi, where a gun shop owner and his son were shot to death over a $25 gun repair fee.

 gunfight at a gun store

Altercation, escalation

A man and his son went into the gun store to pick up a weapon they had left for repair. The gun apparently could not be fully repaired and the shop assessed a $25 fee for a portion of the work. The owner’s wife apparently faced an argument from the man and his son, so she called her husband and son over to deal with it.

As the owners and customers exchanged words, there was what law enforcement called “pushing and shoving.” Then both sides took out weapons and had a shootout in the store. All four men were shot, the owner and his son fatally. The other two were airlifted to the hospital. The owner’s wife was not injured.

By Sunday morning, the son of the customer was in stable condition.His father had life-threatening injuries. Names of either party have not yet been released pending next of kin.

No charges have been filed yet, since police are not certain of who fired first, the customer or the owner.

The kind of thing that makes gun owners look bad

Guns are a heavy responsibility – not toys to wave around to shoot someone because you’re pissed off.  Keep the @#$^& thing holstered when you’re having an argument over something as stupid as a repair fee. These morons just played into the hands of the anti-gunners.

Now one woman must bury a husband and son, and another will have huge medical bills. And the narrative of the anti-gun crowd grows louder. We could not report this, but instead, let it be a warning for everyone to get some wisdom before you do something this foolish. There are dire consequences of stupidity with a gun.