Gun Trafficking Strike Force in Los Angeles

Faye Higbee
gun trafficking

A Federal gun trafficking strike force has been launched in an attempt to stop guns from coming into Los Angeles from “states with weak gun laws.” Apparently the heavy gun restrictions in California aren’t stopping crime. Shocking. The Biden Administration will never fix the violence problem by simply looking at guns.

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California has defunded the police, ignored the gang issues in Los Angeles, let criminals out of jail with no consequences, basically legalized theft, focused on legal gun owners rather than criminals, and now they want to stop guns from coming into Los Angeles. Why didn’t all that gun control stop the violence?

Gun trafficking strike force in Los Angeles

The White House announced on Monday that the US Department of Justice has launched a gun trafficking attack force in Los Angeles to prevent guns from crossing state borders from areas with weak gun control.

According to the White House, funding for strike units (also in New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and the Bay Area) comes from a $ 1.9 trillion US rescue program. Strike units work to combat gun violence by targeting guns coming from other states with less gun control restrictions.

“In the first four months of this year, gun violence has skyrocketed by 70% here in Los Angeles, so the latest action by the Biden administration is needed in a timely manner,” said Los Angeles City Prosecutor Mike Feuer. I am. A coalition of 46 prosecutors working towards a solution to end violence, gun violence…

Los Angeles, like other cities across the United States, is experiencing an increase in shooting violence and murder in the COVID-19 pandemic. As of June 22, the number of victims of shooting in 2021 increased by 50% compared to the same period last year.

At that time, a total of 651 people had been shot in Los Angeles year-to-date, compared to 434 last year, and the city was averaging about 27 shooting victims per week, LAPD Chief Michel Moore told the Police Commission…

The Department of Justice’s gun trafficking strike force initiative is part of a larger strategy to combat gun violence, including through $350 billion in financial support to states and local governments to hire more officers and fund community violence intervention programs, summer employment and educational opportunities and other investments that are proven to reduce crime.


First off, the other states don’t have “weak gun control.” As long as Democrats blame everybody else for their own problems, they’ll never get a handle on the violence.

Most of those guns aren’t legally purchased in other states and then shipped into California. Yes, some come from gun stores, but more are stolen and then transported into places like Los Angeles. There’s a high demand in the City of Angels and someone is going to meet that demand. It’s just the way things work.

So, they’re going to get shipped in.

As for the strike force, let’s just point out how well they seem to be working in Chicago, New York, and other such places. So far, I’m sure as hell not seeing much of a difference.

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