Gun-Grabber Meltdown Over 3D Gun Files Going Online

By Faye Higbee

There is much to be said about leftists and their meltdowns.  But the latest one is truly classic: 3D gun files, and the Government settlement that allowed them to be released. There is an absolute panic, as legal challenges are ramped up. The files are due to be released on August 1.

Update: Fox reports that Democrats are now saying the 3D settlenemnt is a “Death warrant” and Trump has “blood on his hands.” Give us all a break from the drama, please.

Attorney Generals in three states have filed lawsuits against Defense Distributed in order to stop the release of the files tomorrow. They are infuriated that a settlement was reached at all. One of attorneys in Washington state filed suit against the Trump Administration for allowing the settlement itself.

Using terms like “America just became less safe,” (which is certainly not true), they have attempted to skew the entire situation from what it was in the first place: an argument regarding the First Amendment. The settlement recognized that Defense Distributed had the right under Amendment numero uno to release files for something they invented: a 3D gun.

Defense Distributed and the Second Amendment Foundation filed a lawsuit against New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal and Los Angeles City Attorney Michael Feuer, according to Dave Workman at Conservative Firing Line, because they “have waged an ideologically-fueled program of intimidation and harassment against Defense Distributed.” Which is par for the course for liberals.

America is not “less safe,” but the courts are certainly busy today.

Gun Owners of America wrote,

“Anti-gun advocates are taking to the courts to try and stop Defense Distributed. They claim that 3D-printed guns will become a boon for criminals. But that argument is a red herring. Criminals will always break the law and will always get their hands on some kind of weapon.

“Our rights do not depend on what criminals do. For example, we do not shut down printing presses because someone might use it to libel.

“Already, almost 80% of firearms used in crime are weapons that were not legally owned. And studies have long shown that criminals have already been making their own illegal weapons or getting illegally-made firearms from overseas.

“Gun haters always want to focus on the illicit uses of guns, but that would be like only focusing on deaths result from doctors’ negligence — which are around 250,000 per year — and ignoring the overwhelming amount of good that they do. In fact, according to the CDC, guns are being used 16 to 100 times more often to save life, than to take life.

“The bottom line is this: the rights of law-abiding citizens should not be infringed simply because criminals refuse to obey the law. Otherwise, all our rights would be in jeopardy.”

Tom Knighton at Bearing Arms noted,

“The fact is, the kind of weapons available to an individual has no bearing on whether people are safe or not. You can place a rocket launcher in the hands of a law-abiding citizen and never have a single issue, but you can give the violent felon a rock, and he’s still a danger to people. Me being able to 3-D print a gun isn’t a threat to anyone.

If there’s a threat in 3-D printing a gun, it’s not going to go away just because it’s more difficult for me to do it legally. Criminals will still get their hands on the files needed, regardless of whether the rest of us can get them or not.”

And THAT is the bottom line here: literally thousands of people have already downloaded the files. Are they going to confiscate computers now? The left is trying desperately to stop these guns from being made, when they’ve already been made across the nation. We also don’t know how long a 3D printed gun will hold up after firing it for years.

The left appears to think that these files will create a great flood of guns to kill us all.





Featured photo: screenshot of 3D printed gun