Gun Control Agenda – Have the Calls for Defunding Police and Riots Killed it?

The Gun Control agenda has taken a massive hit since all this virus/property destruction rigamarole rampaged through our lives. Even people who were once scared spitless of guns have been running to the local gun store to buy one.  But when the mobs attack, even the normally timid folk understand that they need protection…especially when cops can’t or won’t come.

When Obama was in office, people said he was the best gun salesman because people were worried about the availability of firearms. They were concerned that he was going to close off access to them, so they ran to the gun stores. Now, fear appears to be driving the gun control agenda out the window.

People are afraid for themeselves and their families. When it’s a pandemic, they worried that they wouldn’t be safe from roving gangs who would try to steal their food or target them because of their race.  When the riots erupted in June, it became rioters trying to destroy their property or even harm  their families. Videos of rioters hitting people with sticks and boards, and bruning down businesses made an impression.

According to the Brookings Institute (a liberal organization), at least 3 million more firearms were purchased since March. Most of those sales were in June alone, thanks to the civil unrest. In June, the NICS system conducted 3,921,607 background checks. In March, after President Trump declared a state of emergency, the total was 3,740,688.  The NSSF- National Shooting Sports Foundation said the number reflected the highest June on record.

“Civil unrest, rioting, looting and calls to defund police are unquestionably motivating factors of why this trend is increasing.” Mark Oliva, NSSF

Fortune Magazine reported,

“Dave Brown, a Dallas media producer, said he made the decision to buy a gun at the end of May after he saw people smashing windows at a restaurant near his apartment. He said the demonstrations lasted until 2:30 a.m. and by noon he was buying a nine-millimeter handgun for $450 plus about $100 in ammunition.

“This is a time where no one knows what’s going to be happening around town the next day, it feels like,’ said Brown, 41. “So a lot of people are uncertain, a lot of them are scared.”

Robert Marcus, owner of Bob’s Gun Shop in Norfolk, Virginia, said sales have tripled since mid-March. He estimated that 35% of purchases are coming from first-time gun buyers, and said his customers are concerned by the coronavirus crisis, protests and potential gun control legislation.”

Gun sales are up, and that trend is likely to continue even up to the 2020 election.

“When people see the violence that they see on television – and people understand the difference between peaceful protesters and violent rioters – they see, you know, the sunset and then the fires start, and see the assaults and the looting and the breaking and destruction of private property. When people see that, obviously they want to go out and purchase firearms. They want to make sure that they’re protected.” Dana Loesch, former spokeswoman for the NRA

Featured photo: Maine gun shop photo (file)


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