Gun Businesses Should be Protected from Bank Discrimination

gun businesses

There is a regulation proposed out of The Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC- Docket ID OCC-2020-0042) that would significantly assist gun businesses and perhaps even gun purchasers. It’s called the “Fair Access to Financial Services.” But the time is short to send in comments, so we’re suggesting you do so to help gun businesses be able to access finances. It’s only open for comment until January 4.

In recent years, the anti-gunners have pressured some financial institutions not to allow any gun businesses as clients. Some banks went so far as to block their own former customers from even being a purchaser of firearms if they used that bank’s credit card. This rule would prevent that from occurring.

The NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) wrote:

“The proposed rule provides the following requirements for large, national banks ($100 billion or more in total assets) to provide fair access:

  1. Make each financial service it offers available to all persons in the geographic market served by the covered bank on proportionally equal terms;
  2. Not deny any person a financial service the bank offers except to the extent justified by such person’s quantified and documented failure to meet quantitative, impartial risk-based standards established in advance by the covered bank;
  3. Not deny any person a financial service the bank offers when the effect of the denial is to prevent, limit, or otherwise disadvantage the person:

(i)            From entering or competing in a market or business segment; or

(ii)           In such a way that benefits another person or business activity in which the covered bank has a financial interest; and

  1. Not deny, in coordination with others, any person a financial service the bank offers.”

That whole “not deny, in coordination with others” is an important statement. They would not be able to deny financial services to gun businesses or even a person attempting to purchase a firearm. While there may be some way to work around this rule, because that’s how anti-gunners do things, it appears to be one small step to prevent discrimination by banks.

How can you help? As with the ATF change in pistol braces, follow this link and post a comment. Bearing Arms requested: “To submit your public comment before the deadline of January 4th, click the link, then hit the green “submit a formal comment button” on the righthand side of the page.”

The comments have been open since November, but few people have posted anything.


Featured photo: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (Twitter)

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