Govt program flies illegals to the US from Central America for free

By Faye Higbee

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse with regard to the illegal immigrants in the United States, word comes of a little known federal program that flies Central American children from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala here to be united with their parents…for free. Why you ask? Because the government doesn’t want them to make that dangerous journey from their homes to America as occurred last year.


central america

The program is a joint venture of the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department. Interestingly, a teleconference regarding the policy was not open to the media.

Taxpayer dollars

The Daily Caller reported,

Any permanent resident, parolee or illegal immigrant granted or in the process of being granted a work permit under President Barack Obama’s recent executive order or his deferred action policy, who has children under 21 living in Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador can apply for the program.

If their application is approved, the child will be granted a special refugee status and flown into the U.S. where they will receive “resettlement assistance” and be eligible for taxpayer benefits. If the child has children under 21 they can come too, as well as a parent of the child who is married to the applicant…

The only cost to the applicants is a DNA test to assure the child is theirs, but they will be reimbursed if the result of the test validates their claim. A U.S. medical official will interview the child or spouse, who will then undergo a medical examination and “cultural orientation” before entering the U.S.

While the children flooding the border are officially referred to as Unaccompanied Alien Children, these immigrants will be officially referred to as Central American Minors.


In short, that means that the children become instantly eligible for free healthcare, food stamps, living expenses, and education.

Wait. Didn’t Judge Andrew Hanen block those actions?  That’s the issue that made him threaten the DOJ with sanctions- the government lied to him. The feds had already begun implementation of the amnesty program prior to the judge ruling to prevent it.

The program, called CAM, or Central American Minors, began on  December 1, 2014 with little fanfare. It is also called the Family Reunification Refugee Program.