GOP Blocked 25th Amendment Bill, Impeachment Article Introduced. (Video)

By Faye Higbee

The GOP blocked an attempt to pass a bill demanding the use of the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office. Because they didn’t receive unanimous consent, an impeachment article drafted by Democratic Reps. Ted Lieu, David Cicilline and Jamie Raskin called “Incitement to Insurrection” was introduced. Here we go again.

“In protecting our Constitution and our Democracy, we will act with urgency, because this President represents an imminent threat to both.”

Nancy Pelosi in a letter to Democrats

The GOP immediately blocked the move to push Vice Pres Pence toward the 25th amendment. Pence’s office claimed they’ve never engaged in any conversations about the 25th Amendment. In other words, the Dems did not get “unanimous consent.” Hence, the impeachment article over President Trump’s statement to the crowd in DC on January 6. McConnell stated that the Senate portion of the “trial” wouldn’t begin until after Trump leaves office, maybe not even until May. By then it will be “moot.”

Mark Levin wrote,

I went back and I listened again to the President’s speech, not once — not once, did he incite violence. Not once did the President of the United States say charge the Capitol Building, breach the Capitol Building. He said the opposite about peacefully protesting — peacefully protesting. That’s what he said…

…And so now the media and people like Adam Kinzinger and Chuck Schumer and their ilk, and their like, what are they doing? They’re exploiting the situation. Talking about impeaching the President of the United States or the 25th Amendment nine days before he leaves office. Do they even know what’s involved in the 25th Amendment?

So they doubled down, they tripled down, they quadrupled down. They’re not going to change. Out of one side of their mouth, they talk about unity, out of the other side of their mouth, they spit on people, 74 million people and more. They’re not going away. Their concerns still exist.

Nancy Pelosi the other day eliminated a hundred years of tradition, making it virtually impossible for Republicans to even propose legislation or amend legislation, even though she only has a 10 or 11-person majority in the House. It’s 50/50 in the Senate. They have a very slight majority in the House, and their goal is to choke, choke, and choke the system even further and the media are trying to intimidate conservatives and constitutionalists by projecting onto them violence that occurred by reprobates and others who need to be tracked down and punished.

Mark Levin

The difficulty is that this push by Democrats is exceeding the boundaries of normal – and toward totalitarianism. Democrats even worked on Sunday to throw their fit. But when Americans needed their help during the height of the pandemic, they sat on their hands and did nothing. Pelosi ate ice cream. But their “outrage” is wholly manufactured.

It appears that we areon the march to have a one party government, as every left-leaning group works to destroy the Republican party. Rick Ferran has something to say about this mess that you might want to hear:


Featured photo: Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi during the first impeachment fiasco

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