Good Samaritans shot at the hands of Mexican Immigrant

By Faye Higbee

A Native American couple was shot to death, and their daughter seriously wounded on Wednesday, when they stopped to help a stranded motorist in Pryor, Montana.

mexican immigrant

Jesus Deniz Mendoza shot and killed a Native American couple, and wounded their daughter

Good Samaritans lost their lives to help a stranger

Tana Shane and Jason Shane, Jr. were killed and their daughter shot when they stopped to help Jesus Yeizon Deniz Mendoza, 18. He had told the couple that he was out of gas.

Tana went to their daughter’s house to seek some help for him, but when they returned to the vehicle, he pulled a gun and demanded money. They told him they didn’t have any. He then told them to walk away from the car. As they did so, he shot Jason dead.

The daughter turned and ran. She heard a gunshot, and her mother scream, but kept on running. Then she said she felt blood from a face wound, then another gunshot, and  a bullet struck her back. She kept running. Mendoza got in the vehicle and fled the scene.

She was transported to the hospital, where she underwent surgery. She is expected to survive.

The just barely legal Mexican immigrant

Mendoza was arrested in Meeteetse, Wyoming, which is 100 miles away from the town in Montana. He is being held in the Park County jail. He stated that he shot them because, he was “getting tired of waiting around, and because the daughter laughed at him.”

Immigration officials had encountered Mendoza earlier this year after a burglary incident, but could not deport him because he had obtained legal status.

Pryor, Montana is a town of about 600 people on the Crow Indian Reservation. Many of the residents have always stopped to help those who are in need along side the road – flat tires, in need of gas, etc. One resident stated that she will no longer help others.

That is a sad state of affairs, when a Mexican criminal can alter the kindness  of a town.