Good Guy With Gun Stops Armed Robbery at Louisiana Waffle House

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New Orleans, Louisiana — Waffle House is officially a “gun free zone.” In fact, they have in the past fired an employee who shot at a robber, as we previously reported. But on Thursday, at around 10:19 p.m., two men entered a Louisiana Waffle House on Elysian Fields, and began robbing the customers. It didn’t last long, thanks to an armed patron.

NOLA reported,

Near midnight, Rashad Jenkins and another customer walked out of the restaurant and recounted the night. Jenkins said he and the other customer were in line to place a to-go order when two men came into the restaurant.

Jenkins said one of the men hopped the counter so quickly that he didn’t realize a robbery was underway until the second man took out a gun and told everyone to get down. Jenkins said about six people were in the restaurant, including two employees.

At that point, Jenkins said a customer standing behind him pulled out his own gun.

“Just by the grace of God, a good Samaritan who had a concealed weapon permit, who was standing behind me, scared them off,” Jenkins said.

One of the robbers, Ernest Thomas, foolishly pointed his gun at the armed patron. As the partner fled the restaurant, the patron shot at Thomas, who fled in a white Chrysler with the partner. He ended up at a local hospital with gunshot wounds to the back, hip and arm.

When police arrived at the hospital, the gunshot “victim” matched the description of one of the robbers.

About 45 minutes before the Waffle house attempted robbery, another robbery occurred at a Burger King along that same street. Police believe it may have been perpetrated by the same two robbery suspects.

Another good guy in Tennessee

At the Tennessee Waffle House murders in Antioch, an unarmed patron named James Shaw, who was paying close attention, was able to take away the gun from the armed suspect, who then fled and was captured later. Kudos to that man for his courage!

Screenshot- James Shaw, the hero of the Tennessee Waffle House incident

In this instance in Louisiana, a man with a gun stopped the robbery before any carnage happened. Armed Robbery is one of those scenarios where people get killed on a regular basis.

More charges may be filed against Ernest Thomas, according to police.


Featured photo: screenshot via Flickr by rob_rob2001


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