Glen Carbon, IL- Swastikas Painted on Veteran Headstones

Glen Carbon Police Lieutenant Wayne White told news media that over 200 headstones at Sunset Hills Cemetery in Glen Carbon, Illinois were painted with swastikas overnight. The Cemetery is the final resting place for over 1,300 US veterans. Both Edwardsville and Glen Carbon are investigating.

Update: The Edwardsville Police reported that they have arrested a 34 year old white male for this incident. As soon as he is charged, they will release more information.

The vandalism was discovered on Saturday morning. Black paint was used to spray the swastikas on the headstones. Officials have called for “all hands on deck” to help clean up the cemetery for the Memorial Day service on Monday.

“We haven’t seen anything of this magnitude in the 30 years that I’ve been here.” Mark Johnson, Sunset Hills Grounds Superintendent

They plan to powerwash the headstones, hoping to get the black paint off by service time on Monday.

But the cemetery wasn’t the only one hit with the swastikas – police are investigating reports of damage to some nearby homes and a vehicle that were plastered with them as well.

Screenshot of nearby residence also hit

Are these just disrespectful snot-nosed kids? There’s a lot of that in the country right now. Or did an adult do it as a political statement?

The cemetery owner is planning to get security cameras installed at the cemetery itself. The surveillance video released by police showing a possible suspect was from a nearby residence. The suspect appears to have a cell phone.

KMOV reported, “Officers with the Edwardsville Police Department later released the home’s surveillance video of the possible suspect. Anyone with information is urged to call police at 618-656-2131.”