Gitmo Alumni Ron Fiddler, Suicide Bomber

By Faye Higbee

Here’s a question: how did a jihadi known to both Britain and the US, one that had been detained in Gitmo for two years, end up in Syria fighting with ISIS? British citizen Ron Fiddler, aka Abu-Zakariya al-Britani, aka Jamal al-Harith, reportedly detonated a suicide car bomb at the Iraqi army base in Tal Gaysum, south-west of Mosul on Feb 19.

No real followup

Apparently the followup on these jihadists is seriously lacking. Groups in Britain actually petitioned for him to come home while he was at Guantanamo Bay. He was incarcerated there in 2002, released in 2004.

When he arrived in the UK he was allegedly given a million pounds in “compensation.” Giving him money for being an Islamic terrorist because the poor baby was incarcerated at Gitmo?

The BBC reported,

He had been seized by US forces in Pakistan in 2001, before being sent to Guantanamo.

US interrogators found he provided useful information to them about the Taliban’s methods, and he was released after two years.

The Daily Mail reported Fiddler received a million pounds in compensation from the government when he came back to the UK.

The BBC has seen IS registration papers signed by Fiddler in April 2014 when he crossed into Syria from Turkey.

He volunteered to be a fighter, saying his knowledge of Islam was basic.

Nobody actually monitors them, or the groups they are associated with:

“It also throws into question some of the organisations that were supporting him, that brought him back [from Guantanamo]. Some of them were associated a little too closely with this radical ideology, and they use the legal system – freedoms of speech, the importance of the rule of law – in order to subvert some of our systems in the UK and elsewhere.”  Afzal Ashraf, former counter-terrorism adviser to the United States in Iraq

Then there is this remark from Frank Gardner, a BBC Security correspondent,

“And what do you do about the estimated 400 British jihadists who are still out there? If they don’t die on the battlefield, are they going to try and come back? How do you monitor them? Do you believe the people who say ‘I’ve turned my back on all of that’?”

The blunt truth is: you cannot trust ANY of them if they return. They will easily lie, because lying is acceptable under Shariah if it furthers the cause of Islam.

But this is the primary reason why Obama’s penchant to close Guantanamo Bay was misplaced. Now there are a large number of jihadists who may be back in the game of killing after their release.