Gettr CEO Jason Miller: Building Gettr for the Better

Faye Higbee
Jason Miller

Free Speech platform Gettr CEO and Founder Jason Miller has always had in mind that moments of growth could overpower a social media company, so he set about making sure that didn’t happen to Gettr. That’s a good thing. Since they launched in July of 2021, Gettr has grown nearly exponentially. Today they are over 4 million – even Facebook and Twitter didn’t grow that fast.

We always looked to the possibility that there could be an explosive moment. So we made sure we have the right server space, and technology that could handle the 1 million – 2 million – 3 million- 4 million that have come onboard.

Jason Miller

Explosive could be the right word, as within the last week alone, they garnered a million members. One of those is Joe Rogan, the popular Conservative podcaster. All he had to do was post that he had opened a Gettr account and his followers flocked to the platform. Gettr has become the fastest growing social media in history with the addition of 1 million users in its first three days.

“You’ll never be as good as Silicon Valley”

Jason Miller told us that he has built this company in spite of the naysayers who claimed he couldn’t do it. They told him he’d never be able to access the talent and technology of the BigTech companies. He has proven them wrong.

Our technology is really good. And we will launch a Direct Marketplace video platform soon that will be a strong competitor to the varieties out there now. We’ll also be launching Gettr Pay that will give the power back to the people and give them the freedom over their finances.

Jason Miller

What about Truth Social – Trump’s new social media?

When Trump was banned from Twitter last year, about 25% of his followers quit using social media entirely. When we came on in July, 2021, it let a lot of people know that they could get active again. It’s not about Gettr vs Truth Social. It’s about decentralizing the power. Healthy challenges are always good.

Jason Miller

Gettr gives users “ease of functionality.” In other words, it’s not a constant hassle technologically. Posting is simple and easy, and photos come up exactly as they are supposed to.

Guiding principle: First Amendment – Freedom of Speech

When we asked about his guiding principles, he told us the most important focus is to create a place that doesn’t deplatform, shadow ban, or use algorithms that censor users for their political viewpoints.

“Twitter, Google, and Facebook’s ‘world framing’ personal views destroyed their ability to allow expression of political views. They’ve gone too far. Of course we don’t allow things like doxxing of individuals or illegal activity, but you won’t be censored for your political views on Gettr.”

Jason Miller

Who else will be coming on board?

Others who have joined recently include Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene, Dr. Robert Malone, both of whom were recently deplatformed from Twitter. Political figures, TV and Radio show hosts, actors, athletes, news outlets, the list is growing daily. Miller told us that he has reached out to many across the ideological spectrum. A White House PBS reporter and a former NFL Quarterback just joined this morning, Jan10.

Censorship, shutting people down based on their political views, is something most of us have experienced at one point or another. Will Gettr be the place where we can all have a civil discourse? It’s well on its way to exactly that.

Jason Miller is originally from Seattle, Washington. He and his wife Kelly live in the District of Columbia, along with their two daughters. His political career as a campaign manager has helped candidates for the House, Senate, Gubernatorial races and President Donald Trump. We wish him continued great success on Gettr!


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