German Tax Collectors Target Civilian Military Worker, Demand $300,000.

tax collectors

Tax collectors who want to stick it to Americans who work for the Military (both troops and civilians) have been in the news for years in Germany. A USAF employee handed over a couple’s purchase records: everything from discounted American flights, to gym memberships. The German tax collectors demanded $300,000. The US military says it’s a violation of a US/German treaty. And there are many Americans in the same drastic financial trouble because of these tax collectors.

  tax collectors

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And special agent Dirk Roessling, a German employee of the U.S. Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations at Ramstein, obliged in a five-page report that ended up being used against a U.S. military-affiliated family in tax court.

The report shows a U.S. military agency collaborating with German authorities to collect German income tax penalties on U.S. military paychecks — a practice the State Department considers a violation of a multinational treaty.

“It felt like there was a mole on the inside,” said the American, who worked as a military civilian at Ramstein under the NATO Status of Forces Agreement before moving to the U.S. in 2020.

Added his German wife: “They knew everything. I feel like they are Stasi people working there,” a reference to the secret police of communist East Germany during the Cold War.

The couple, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of being retargeted by collectors, are among an untold number of Americans connected to the military in Germany who have been financially ruined by local tax offices.

John Vandiver in Stripes (emphasis mine)

German tax collectors: a feared foreign agency

The couple above lost their case in the Neustadt Tax court in 2020. The Air Force was totally shocked that one of their own employees, Dirk Roessling, a German employee of the U.S. Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations at Ramstein, would hand over this kind of information to a “feared” foreign agency. On-base purchases are supposed to be protected under a SOFA – Status of Forces Agreement. The Partners for Peace agreement deals with the status of forces present in another NATO nation, and should have protected Americans working in the country. Apparently not.

Antony Blinken claimed he wasn’t aware of the situation but said he would get involved, and SecDef Austin says he brought it up when he met his counterpart during a Pentagon meeting in June. The US Embassy has confronted Germany over their taxation of US troops and employees. German tax collectors claim they’re doing it by the law.

No other nation that has large contingents of US forces has tried to collect taxes off military paychecks – which are already taxed by the US. There have been 400 cases like this as of last year.


Featured screenshot: Ramstein air base

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