German Cops Told to Remove “Rape” Word from Their Reports

By Faye Higbee

German Cops Told to Remove “Rape” Word from Their Reports

Police in Cologne, Germany claim they were told to remove the word “rape” from their migrant criminal reports, according to the Independent, U.K. The mass assaults that occurred on New Year’s Eve apparently had politicians so shook up that they attempted to force police to cover up the fact that Muslim immigrants were the source of the problem.

The original incident

As we previously reported, the mass sexual assaults in Cologne created a snarl for the German government – and allegations of cover up were rampant. According to news reports, those allegations were true.

The mass robberies, rapes, and assaults caused a backlash among Germans, as local gangs began to push back against the Muslim immigrants. Rallies  erupted across Germany against the Muslim immigrants.

german cops

Anti-immigrant rallies erupted after the assaults in Cologne – photo by Juergen Schwarz)

Cover up?

The police Chief in Cologne, Wolfgang Albers, retired amidst the accusations of deliberate cover up regarding the New Year’s Eve incidents. It now comes to light, according to the German newspaper Express, that Germany’s interior ministry is the source of a demand to take the word “rape” out of the reports.

Ultimately German Police balked at the idea and left the word in their reports, which hit the world media and went viral.

The demand is said to have been sent from North Rhine-Westphalia interior minister Ralf Jäger. Now people are calling for his resignation.

This is the letter published by Express and received from a high level police official

The Independent reported,

According to Cologne newspaper Express, officers received a phone call from the state police control centre ordering them to take down the report “or otherwise delete the phrase ‘Vergewaltigung’” – “rape”.

A senior Cologne police officer told Express he was informed of the order by a colleague who took the call, and that state police understood it to be “the wish of the state interior ministry”.

Jäger denied that his office told police to cover up the assaults, but did say there were “professional discussions” over the “classification” of police reports from the incident.

Translation: they did it. What would they have liked it to be called – “migrant man handling?”

Are European politicians just cowards?

Do these actions stem from sheer fear of Muslims and an ‘uprising’? (They already have uprisings that people refuse to put down.) Reports of cover ups across Europe from Sweden to Denmark and Germany have surfaced.

This political game played by politicians in Europe threatens the safety of all women there. If you marginalize the behavior, and refuse to call it by name, it becomes weak. Rape is an attempt by the criminal to control the victim – and when Muslims do that, they should be punished, not painted as “poor migrants.”