Geraldo Rivera thinks Castro was “the most important leader”

By Faye Higbee

Geraldo Rivera was a young reporter when he was assigned to go to Cuba in 1977 and interview Fidel Castro.  After his death, Rivera glossed over Castro’s record and called him “the most important leader since Simon Bolivar.”

He, like Justin Trudeau, left a glowing testimony of someone who was “pleasant and charming” to a young reporter. So that’s the criteria for liberals so use? Like dictators everywhere, say the wrong thing and disappear forever.

1977-Geraldo meets the dictator. Screenshot from Good Morning America with Geraldo

As one Facebook user pointed out, Serial killer Ted Bundy was charming too. On the surface. But monsters lurk beneath and death is only one slight infraction away.

Here is Geraldo’s post:

“RIP Fidel Castro, a far more nuanced man than his obituaries indicate. The most important Latin American leader since Simon Bolivar. Yes he violated the rights of many of his people, usurped vast swaths of private property, killed, trampled on freedoms and brought us all to the brink of nuclear war.
Still, he was a huge hero to many others in Cuba and around the world. The 2d half of the 20th Century’s most successful revolutionary, he stuck it in the eyes of 11 American presidents, and basically led Cuba’s stand vs the Western World.
Plus, he was pleasant and charming to a kid reporter from New York.”

A “successful revolutionary.” Let’s look at this collection of pictures from a Facebook user and learn how that “successful revolution” was accomplished:

The caption reads: “Here are the reasons why our Cubans in Exile celebrate the death of the assassin Fidel Castro”

The bottom line for liberals appears to be when monsters treat them ok – they feel at ease and comfortable with them. Amid photos of beach goers and restaurant patrons, Geraldo glossed over the situation in Cuba when he was there, talking about how “normal” it seemed. It was anything but normal for the people who opposed the Communist regime.

It was not normal for the business owners and their families who lost everything and fell into abject poverty, or the citizens of Cuba who were dragged off to camps to their deaths.

That “huge hero” had the same kind of personality cult following as Kim Jong-Un in North Korea, or Stalin. Too bad Geraldo was too blind to see it.

In the words of one Facebook user about his post,

“You have GOT to be kidding with that glowing testimonial of a dictator! If you had had to have lived under his cruel administration, you’re be singing a different tune. How incredibly blind are you? Did you have to attend a special school to be this stupid?” Nora