Gender Neutrality Creeping Into A School Near You

By Marie Smith

College and university campuses across the country are making subtle changes to this year’s admission forms, websites, pamphlets and documents. No longer are words like She or He used but  Ze is used instead. Terms like Herself and Himself have been upgraded to Hirself.   These are some of the new gender neutral pronouns that are introduced in place of the gender specific ones.  All in the hopes to make the world a safer place for those that do not subscribe to male or female gender.


‘Change’ but not good change

Upon admission at the University of California – Irvine, students were asked to ‘Describe Themselves’ and given the following six options: Male, Female, Trans male/Trans man, Trans female/Trans woman, gender Queer/Non conform,or Different Identity.  The reasoning,  according to a statement released by UC’s System President, Janet Napolitano stated:

“UC is working hard to ensure our campuses model [shows] inclusiveness and understanding. I’m proud of the work we’ve done so far, but it doesn’t stop there. We must continue to look at where we can improve so everyone at UC feels respected and supported.”

 gender neutrality

University of Tennessee- Ayers Hall (file photo)

Not everyone feels supported or respected. I don’t know why they’re asking it. I’d like to know their reason for asking it,” said parent Elaine Streets when speaking with a local CBS station.

Elaine may not be the only one. University of Tennessee, President Joe DiPietro is “deeply concerned about the attention this matter continues to receive and the harm it has had on the reputation of the University of Tennessee.” DiPietro has ordered that the Gender Neutral pronouns be removed from the university’s website until approval has been obtained.

In stark contrast, late last month, a petition representing 25 different organizations was presented to Common Application, or Common App (a website that coordinates efforts with over 500 colleges and universities with 47 states as well as Washington DC and six European countries) to include optional questions related to gender identity and sexual orientation to their standard forms for college admissions.

No word yet from Common App on whether they will consider the changes. If UC and UT are any indication, Ze and Hirself may have a long way to go before being accepted as common language.

“Special Snowflake” needs to get a grip

If Christian or Jewish organizations imposed something this strongly upon the education community, they would blasted as intolerant!  As a society, we are getting to the point where the Special Snowflake is getting more rights than the general populous. Throw on a wig and some heels and magically Dan is Danielle, he is over his predilection of being a peeping-tom, and he identifies as a girl now so he LEGALLY has to use the girl’s toilets in public.

I’m all for change, but do not make change for the sake of change. Special Snowflake needs to know that you won’t always get recognition just for showing up and you will be expected to do your work, nobody cares that your glitter eyeshadow is clashing with your five o’clock shadow.   Now go wash that stuff off your face and stay out of your sister’s makeup!