General Nicholson: Thousands more troops needed in Afghanistan

By Faye Higbee

General Nicholson is the Commander of US Forces in Afghanistan. He told Congress on Thursday that thousands more troops were needed in the country to make the Afghan military “sustainable.”

“The current security situation in Afghanistan is a stalemate where the equilibrium favors the government. Leadership and countering corruption are two areas in which the (country’s security forces) must improve to reduce casualties and increase military capability.” Gen John Nicholson Jr to the Senate Armed Forces Committee

Military Times reported,

For now, U.S. officials are using outside contractors to help plug manning shortfalls in the advise and assist mission.

Nicholson also said that he believes if U.S. forces were to pull out of the country completely, it could result in new terrorist attacks against the American homeland.

“We need to stay on top of it, because of the confluence of 20 different terrorist groups in the region,” he said. “I believe this is an enduring commitment.”

Corruption and Clashes – 15 years long and counting

The military in Afghanistan struggles with corruption at every level. America personnel have complained of military commanders who care more about their promotions than the fight, and local Afghan corruption from police to military has been a constant battle.

Afghanistan is a culture that battles the Taliban and other factions daily. It is a chaotic environment. On Tuesday, a bomb detonated outside the Afghan Supreme Court building killed at least 20 people.

Add that to since the U.S. entered the country, opium production has increased. Rumors of CIA involvement in the opium trade have persisted. An Uncle Sam’s Source told us a few years ago that American involvement in an opium “pipeline” was a fact, but proving it is another matter.

Breitbart reported back in 2016,

Opium cultivation and production has thrived over the course of the Afghanistan war despite a dramatic drop after the U.S. and NATO ended their combat mission in Afghanistan and withdrew most of their troops at the end of 2014.

Amid the ongoing heroin epidemic in the United States that is killing thousands, the White House and other government agencies have sounded the alarm on Afghanistan heroin possibly flowing into the U.S. through Canada, where most of the heroin available is from Afghanistan.

America’s Longest War

The Afghanistan war has raged for 15 years.  We have lost 1,695 military members in the war, not counting the civilian contractors and others who lost their lives. The US has spent $8.5 Billion in anti-narcotics efforts. What is the answer?

“Instead of trying to win, we settled for just trying not to lose. Time and time again, we saw troop withdrawals that seemed to have a lot more to do with American politics than conditions on the ground in Afghanistan… Afghans are in the fight. They are not looking to us or anyone else to do their fighting for them. At the same time, they want and need our continued assistance: It is in our interest to help our Afghan partners become capable of standing on their own.” Sen. John McCain