Gary Snow- Provacateur or Patriot?

By Faye Higbee

William “Gary” Snow has experienced his share of unwanted limelight. Originally from Chicago, this American Citizen has attended several rallies/protests and ended up in confrontation with leftist groups…Antifa and Black Lives Matter in specific. On August 21, he was arrested along with two others at the Bradenton Protest. But what the MSM tells you about him is, as usual, not the whole truth.

Gary was charged with “Affray” at the Bradenton Protest.  Affray is defined as the fighting of two or more persons in a public place that disturbs others. The offense originated under the Common Law, but in Florida it’s a statutory offense – a misdemeanor. Many of the mainstream media have called it “inciting a riot” which is not correct. Rioting is a felony, Affray is not.

“It started out peaceful….I’m not an agitator or a racist…I used to be a Democrat, a liberal. I view myself as a moderate, but the media has painted me as a far-right provocateur. I’m not. I just support President Trump and I love my country.”

But Gary is high profile, so he got the brunt of the publicity, none of it favorable:

At the Bradenton protest, Gary’s “discussion” with an Antifa member became heated.

“There was no  assault or hands on… Police heard the back and forth between us so they decided it could cause problems. I support law enforcement – they were just doing their job.”

Police arrested three people- the Antifa person, Daron Edward-Hays – who was wearing a tactical vest- and two Trump supporters- Gary Snow and Cory Robinson. Gary said he pulled off an Antifa face mask, and burned a sign.

Antifa’s aim is to shut down the Conservatives and anyone else who doesn’t agree with them. And this Antifa member came prepared:

The arrest report for Edward-Hays states:

“The defendant became agitated and began to scream at the crowd. The defendant then charged the crowd while waving the pole, causing the crowd to back up. 

…Post arrest, the defendant’s backpack was removed and upon search incident to arrest, it was discovered that the backpack contained a standard hammer, two plastic bottles containing rotten milk, a glass jar containing an unknown liquid.”

Antifa came to fight. Mr. Snow came only with his American flag.


Is it being a “provocateur” to call out the left’s agenda? The left does not listen and cannot be reached by ordinary conversations.

“They are loud, so we get loud.”

As Gary sat in a holding cell with the Antifa protester, who was covered with anarchist tattoos, they began to talk further. Gary told us that when Edward-Hays stated that Communism works, he called him on it. Then he asked the Antifa member how he could believe in something that is steadily dividing us.

Gary said the man finally calmed down some, but he still was unable to see the agenda behind what he does or who he’s advocating for. That same problem is all over America: the inability to see the leftist agenda.

“When does it stop? Tearing down our history…we should build, not tear down.  They collaborate with black supremacists like the New Black Panthers, they just don’t get it. They try to limit our freedom of speech by taking things  from us like flags or backpacks. It’s a coalition of left wing groups that doesn’t care about the country, our veterans, or our police. They are anarchists.”