Fund the Police: GOP Rally in Portland Attacked by Antifa

Faye Higbee
fund the police

On Saturday in Portland, Oregon, a mob of black-clad Antifa members attacked a GOP rally for Gubernatorial candidate Stan Pulliam (the current Mayor of Sandy, Oregon). Why did they bother? Pulliam is not “woke,” and wants to fund the police. The Antifa “direct action” caused two injuries as they hurled fireworks and smoke grenades into the crowd. Police did not show up until the Antifa mob dispersed, and stated it was because they didn’t have enough personnel.

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“This is what happens when a Republican dares to hold an event in Portland to talk about funding our police. Antifa shows up. Well we won’t be intimidated and stop speaking the truth.”

Candidate Stan Pulliam

Stop the violence – fund the police

On Saturday, April 30, 2022 at 12:03p.m., Central Precinct officers were notified of a group throwing items such a smoke grenade at another group in the area of Southwest 3rd Avenue and Southwest Main Street. A PPB Sergeant began monitoring the situation and gathering available resources, although there were only a few officers available in the precinct. Updated information was that paint and larger fireworks were being thrown, and significant explosions were heard in the area. The sergeant requested the callers try to drive away to meet officers at another location in an attempt to deescalate the situation and allow officers to investigate. The group was able to drive away and meet with officers nearby.

They learned that two people had been hurt by mortars. One adult male had an injury to the hand, an adult female complained of hearing loss. There was also evidence balloons filled with paint and/or other substances were thrown at people and vehicles. The injured victims planned to seek medical care on their own and were not transported.

Once sufficient resources were in place, officers set up a crime scene at the location of the incident. Portland Police and Portland Fire & Rescue Arson Investigators responded to the scene. 

Portland Police Bureau

Stan Pulliam is running on a fund the police platform in order to stop the violence in cities like Portland. He also stated that he is pro-life, pro-2A, and other conservative values. In leftist-haven Oregon, such a change would be welcome for residents.

“The culture of criminality that our state has allowed to fester in Oregon’s big cities must come to an end. We need to back our local law enforcement officers and provide them with proper training and public support. My first step as governor to clean up our streets will be to triple the size of the Oregon State Police and temporarily deploy them and the Oregon National Guard to end the endless violence in the streets of Portland.”

Stan Pulliam


Featured screenshot via video on Twitter

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