Fruita Monument Teacher Creates Blacklist of Male Students

fruita monument

Colorado: A reportedly ‘well-liked’ Physical Education teacher at Fruita Monument High School allegedly made a “blacklist” of certain male students at the school, according to kjct8. While she was talking to what appears to be a female student about it, she was being secretly recorded.

Amelia Bornert, also known as Amelia Sue Lewis and Amelia Sue Conner, appears to be suggesting the creation of a “blacklist” of students in a Google Document within a fake account. She also makes sexual references in the video.

“There would be like a master administrator, no one would know who the administrator is because it’s a fake Google account…
…they don’t deserve girls…
If we all boycott them, they won’t get any p***y. We can give them some Vasoline as a parting gift.”

The video ends as she laughs with the person who is recording her.

Kjct8 spoke with the school, who told them:
“All incidents involving students are taken seriously. Although state law prohibits us from discussing details of personnel matters, parents and students can be assured that we investigated and handled this situation appropriately.”

Students they interviewed talked about the video or list being fairly widely known in the school, and that it hurt some feelings.

The students say that Bornert is still at the school. Many of the students stated that the teacher’s “list” idea was “messed up.” Was there any disciplinary action? What does “handled appropriately” mean when she is supposedly still at the school? And the statement, “If WE all boycott them, they won’t get any p***y.” What does that mean, exactly?

“I think she crossed a line that really nobody should cross.” Fruita Monument student.

The school won’t discuss the incident. Kjct8 was unable to get a copy of the list. Is the “list” real? And what about the male students that might be on it – what about their feelings? High school is an extremely vulnerable time for both boys and girls – emotions are close to the surface, and easily manipulated as hormones rage through the body. A teacher like this who – even if inadvertently – says negative things about some boys can impact their lives for years to come.

Way to go, Amelia Bornert.