Fresno Waffle Shop Opens Against Shutdown Orders – Arrest Ensued

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A Fresno Waffle Shop opened two days ago against the California shutown orders. The city told them not to open their dining room on Thursday and issued a warning. Shop owner Ammar Ibrahim’s restaurant was still open on Friday, so he received a citation with a fine of $1000. They received another citation on Saturday. Sunday morning, an altercation between police and customers erupted when city employees called the police on the establishment for still being open. And for the long line out front. (ABC30)

When police arrived, one officer told the crowd to disperse. When they did not (and told him to get in line like everyone else) he moved to arrest a gentleman. Mayor Lee Brand had recently told the public he was not going to arrest anyone for violating the order. So much for ‘politic’ speech. The Mayor allowed some businesses to reopen on May 11, but not restaurants.

In point of fact, even Fresno city council member Garry Bredefeld ate at the Waffle Shop for lunch on Friday. Customers have been supportive of the restaurant owner’s decision to open.

“Going to Waffle Shop for lunch in defiance of Brand and Newsom’s unconstitutional orders. The City just fined them $1,000 for having the courage to open and exercise their Constitutional right to their property and operate their business! I will not live under house arrest nor be forced to wear a mask by government. I am supporting businesses and our neighbors’ rights to make a living, live in freedom and not be oppressed by tyrannical and authoritarian government. We will win this fight and reject politicians locally and at the state level who are drunk with power and want us to bend to their control.” Garry Bredefeld, Fresno city councilman

So Sunday, Mother’s Day comes along and all the talk ended where the handcuffs met the road. A customer was hauled off in handcuffs for “resisting”… or something.  He was only briefly detained, and police would not identify him.

The Chief of Police in Fresno says he is reviewing the incident at the Waffle Shop – and the officer’s bodycam – because it didn’t appear as if the officer handled it in accordance with policy.

“As the chief of police, I am concerned over the manner in which this incident was handled as it doesn’t appear to be consistent with our department’s policy concerning demonstrations or the directions I have given officers via a chief’s memorandum for handling enforcement of the Emergency Order. I immediately ordered an Internal Affairs investigation of this incident.” Chief Andy Hall in the FresnoBee

All in all it was a crappy Mother’s Day for the customer who was arrested while standing in line at the Waffle Shop.

Featured photo: screenshots from Jim Fisher video


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    Looks like that cop has eaten a few too many waffles…….
    ……maybe the cop had a fight with her “significant other” before going on duty.

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