French Police Officer Burned Alive in Firebombing of 2 Police Cars

By Faye Higbee

Paris, France – A French police officer is fighting for his life after a “gang of youths” threw Molotov cocktails into his police car, and another one that arrived to assist. He was burned so badly over his entire body that he had to be placed in an induced coma.Three other officers were injured in the attacks, which left nothing but burned out hulks of their vehicles.

The officer in a coma is just 28 years old. His 39 year old female partner was also injured in the attack. She was burned on her hands and face.

The police were patrolling an area where gangs were known to target passersby to rob them. A gang of about 15 “youths” surrounded the police car and firebombed it. As they called for backup, another police vehicle arrived. It too was firebombed and both officers injured.

The Press called the perpetrators a “gang of youths.” Were they Muslim? Black Lives Matter? This is not the first time a police vehicle has been firebombed, but it is the first time the officers were inside the car and not given a chance to escape.

In another attack that we reported back in May 2016, a French Police car was torched, and the officer managed to get out before his car went up in flames. An American was charged with that offense.

Metro U.K. reported,

Director of the national police Jean-Marc Falcone said it is believed the attack was ‘organised and premeditated.’
Prime Minister Manuel Valls said the perpetrators would be ‘relentlessly pursued and brought to justice’
He added: ‘At a time when the security forces are bravely responding to the terrorist threats facing our country, such intolerable acts call for exemplary sanctions.’