Frank Robert James, Brooklyn Subway Suspect: Manhunt Underway

Faye Higbee
frank robert james

The Brooklyn Subway suspect has been identified as Frank Robert James, 62. Though at first that he was simply a “person of interest,” Mayor Adams advised that he is now a suspect. The incident is not being investigated as terrorism, although the Mayor would not rule it out just based on the nature of the attack. Thirty people were treated for injuries such as smoke inhalation, and 10 people were shot. UPDATE: Suspect arrested April 13

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Just prior to 8:24 a.m. James allegedly donned a gas mask, took two smoke grenades out of his backpack, detonated them and began shooting. Police said he fired 33 rounds from a .9mm Glock, striking numerous people, then fled. None of the people hit have died, and all are expected to recover. On Tuesday, they located a U-Haul van rented by Frank James from a key left at the scene, and also found a credit card in his name.

Police found three extended Glock-type magazines, the Glock, a magazine still in the weapon, one in the backpack and one under the seat, 33 discharged shell casings, 15 bullets, five bullet fragments, two detonated smoke grenades and two non-detonated smoke grenades, police said in the news conference. He also had a black milk crate style rolling cart and gasoline. Authorities said they found a U-Haul key that led them to the recovery of the U-Haul van in Brooklyn. They believe James rented the vehicle, releasing his name as Frank R. James.

Police say he rented the U-Haul truck in Pennsylvania. As seems to happen frequently, the surveillance cameras did not work, so did not capture the shooting.

Frank Robert James posted numerous YouTube videos under the handle “prophet oftruth88” with profanity-laced rants about racist white people, complaints about Mayor Adams and the “violence” in New York City, which is ironic considering what he is suspected of doing on Tuesday. He told the Mayor in one post that he was a victim of the Mayor’s mental health policies, because the people that were supposed to help him just made him “more violent.” He also made references to not going back to another state “alive.”

frank robert james

He also went under the name “Frank Whitaker” and “T-Man” on Facebook.

Frank Robert James appears to be one of those perfect candidates for “suicide by cop.”


Featured screenshot via The Epoch Times

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