Frank Hoagland, OH State Senator, and the Fight Against PTSD

Ohio State Senator Frank Hoagland (R) is on a mission. He wants to save the lives of veterans suffering from PTSD. After nearly 30 years as a Navy Seal, 8 more in another unnamed government agency, a stint with Federal Marshals, and 9 more years with the Department of Defense (20 deployments), he’s well aware of the sacrifices and the trauma experienced by our veterans and active duty service members. And he wants to do something about it. An article in WeAreTheMighty shows exactly what kind of Senator he has become, and the fight he is up against.

Senator Frank Hoagland is in his second term in the Senate. As a small business owner and member of the Veteran and Public Safety committee, he wants to make a difference. And he wants other options for veterans besides “drugging them out of their minds.”

I’ve had a few of my friends commit suicide and try to commit suicide. Hell, I’ve had my wife sitting in a chair crying her eyes out because we are listening to these guys and waiting to hear that gun go off…I had another friend who committed suicide and I had to go find him…it reminded me of all of the death that I had seen overseas.

Sen Frank Hoagland

One of those alternatives is the use of electromagnetic therapy. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) doesn’t use “medication, sedation, or anesthesia.” Some insurance companies don’t cover the treatment, but others do according to

In the state of Ohio, Hoagland was deeply familiar with the revolving door of treatment. Watching the traditional approaches failing, he wanted something that would work. When he saw the impact that TMS was having, Hoagland knew he found something. “I wanted a program that we in the military would understand. We are going to save your life and stay on you for the rest of your life,” he explained. 

The TMS therapy essentially repaired broken or damaged cells, leading to things like improved sleep, and reduced feelings of anxiety and depression. There were no medications or painful procedures, just electromagnetic waves stimulating brains to heal themselves. “I was getting calls from veterans wives thanking me for saving their family. We knew we were doing something right,” Hoagland said. 

Then, the university abruptly ended the program without warning and without serving the number of veterans they had committed to. Ohio State University also refused to talk to the senator and barred the staff from the program from communicating with anyone. This would be the third and final time the program would be stopped. But the veterans kept coming, trying to get in. 


Abruptly ended the program without warning. Refusing to talk to the Senator. These are the kinds of roadblocks he has experienced. Hoagland has now raised $12Mllion from the Ohio State Budget to bring it back, and wants to expand it for not only military, but law enforcement as well. They’re writing new policies and trying to find ways of getting the program for those who need it.


Featured photo: L- Frank Hoagland as a SEAL, and R- Frank Hoagland as an OH state senator

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