Fourteen NY Democrat Senators Call For Removal of Cuomo’s Emergency Powers

Faye Higbee
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All is not Camelot in the State of New York after a former aide to the Governor revealed that he had covered up the actual number of deaths in nursing homes. Now fourteen NY Democrat Senators want to strip Cuomo of his emergency powers, according to The Epoch Times. Others just want to impeach him.

ny democrat senators

While COVID-19 has tested the limits of our people and state—and, early during the pandemic, required the government to restructure decision making to render rapid, necessary public health judgments—it is clear that the expanded emergency powers granted to the Governor are no longer appropriate.

While the executive’s authority to issue directives is due to expire on April 30, we urge the Senate to advance and adopt a repeal as expeditiously as possible.

NY Democrat Senators statement

Even the NY Democrat Senators think he blew it. To top it off, Cuomo issued the now infamous statement:

“Who cares [if they] died in the hospital, died in a nursing home? They died.” Andrew Cuomo, January, 2021

Such a caring individual, isn’t he? Cuomo is just one of the many governors that ordered COVID-19 patients into nursing homes, where they could be exposed and die. What was he doing? “Decreasing the surplus population?”

He has also been facing increasing calls for his impeachment.

New York Assemblyman Michael Montesano said he plans to ask the state legislature to consider impeaching Gov. Andrew Cuomo after a bombshell admission by his top aide that their office allegedly covered up data on COVID-19 nursing home deaths to shake off a Justice Department probe on the matter.

“We’ve been calling for subpoenas and a hearing for quite a while,” Montesano, a Republican member of the state’s Oversight and Investigations Committee, told Fox News. “This news of the last several days is extremely troubling to me and I’m going to be asking today for his resignation and I’m also going to be asking the legislature to look into, to explore filing articles of impeachment against the governor if he doesn’t resign.” 

Fox News

The allegation raised by Melissa DeRosa was that they knew that the Department of Justice was working on an investigation into the four states whose Governors dumped COVID patients in with the elderly nursing home residents. So they deliberately covered hte real numbers. But by far the most egregious situation was in New York state, where it has been learned that there were 15,049 who died. The original total was given as over 8,000. The numbers were seriously under-reported. Now NY Democrat Senators are also crying foul.

New York is not like California, where citizens who want their Governor (Newsom) gone have launched a massive recall petition. In New York, the legislature must remove the governor. That scenario is a huge longshot, but people are extremely angry. Even the State AG, Letitia James stated that Cuomo’s Department of Health under-reported the numbers.

While we cannot bring back the individuals we lost to this crisis, this report seeks to offer transparency that the public deserves and to spur increased action to protect our most vulnerable residents.

Letitia James, NY AG in January

At least her statement was better than Cuomo’s “who cares” message. While Cuomo has been encouraged to resign, it is highly unlikely that he will do so.

Resignation is one thing and I have to be frank with you, he’s too arrogant to think about doing that. He’s for himself, not for these people.

NY Assemblyman Michael Montesano

Believe me, we’ve noticed. So have a bunch of NY Democrat Senators.


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