Fort Myers Officer Dies, Suspect Wisner Desmaret is Illegal Alien

By Faye Higbee

Fort Myers Police officer Adam Jobbers-Miller, 29, lost the battle for his life on July 28, 2018, just a week after he was shot in the head. Wisner Desmaret, an illegal alien from Haiti who has reportedly been here since he was 9, is the “alleged” shooter. ICE has filed a detainer on him, but in the past several years, Desmaret has been repeatedly released without deportation because of “intellectual disability.”

Just two days before Officer Miller was shot, Desmaret was released from custody on a Cocaine Possession charge by a Sarasota judge. He was no stranger to the courts or police. As as far back as 2008, he had been arrested, sometimes with charges dropped because he has a mental issue and was not found competent enough to prosecute. So instead of getting him some kind of help, they simply dismissed the charges.

ICE stated that he is a “undocument immigrant” – illegal alien. No deportation. A long criminal history, including drugs, trespassing, burglary, theft of firearms. By 2011, he had been convicted of felonies in Florida TWICE, not counting the number of times he had charges dismissed. Now a dead police officer.

Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller reported,

The Fort Myers Police Department had kept people updated on the officer’s progress on Facebook. There was hope at first. On Friday, July 27, 2018, one day before the officer died, the police wrote, “There is no change in his condition. He remains stable but critical at Lee Memorial Hospital. We continue to ask for prayers and support for Officer Jobbers-Miller, his family and the Fort Myers Police Department.” The department outlined a long list of businesses offering fundraisers to help the officer and his family.

A GoFundMe page to help the officer’s family has raised more than $56,000. The community also responded with blood donations to help the injured officer.

“The Fort Myers Police Department would like to extend our gratitude for the overwhelming response to a call for blood donations for Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller. The large number of donors who arrived and waited in line at Lee Memorial Hospital was a true symbol of community support and a testament to the spirit of SWFL law enforcement members and citizens,” the police wrote on July 24. “Lee Health reports that that the surgeries and following treatments have helped and Officer Jobbers-Miller is showing positive signs. His status is still listed as stable but critical.”

Adam ultimately lost the battle. End of Watch July 28, 2018