Food Shortages Coming? Biden says “It’s Gonna be Real.”

Faye Higbee
food shortages

Biden is the ultimate doom-and-gloomer in addition to all the other confused statements he spews. He predicted a deadly winter for the unvaccinated (didn’t happen). Now he’s predicting massive food shortages. With Biden there can always be a seed of truth, but taking it at face value is a mistake. Fear is never the way to handle a problem. However, there really are some issues in regard to potential food shortages.

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“In regard to food shortages, yes we did talk about food shortages and it’s gonna be real. The price of the sanctions is not just imposed upon Russia, it’s imposed upon an awful lot of countries as well, including European countries and our country as well,” a shout out to Americans who have already been brutalized by record gas prices and staggering inflation as a result of his disastrous policies.

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Ukraine and Russia together produce nearly 30 percent of the world’s traded wheat and 12 percent of its calories. Without them, soaring food prices and shortages could touch off a wave of instability the world hasn’t seen since the Arab Spring of 2012. The war has all but shut down grain exports from both countries. And since the two nations (along with Russia’s sanctioned ally Belarus) also supply vast amounts of fertilizer, Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine could affect every farmer on earth this year, and into the foreseeable future…

Over the past decade, Ukraine, long known as the breadbasket of Europe, has become an agricultural powerhouse for much of the developing world. Better seeds, new equipment, and better agronomy—combined with massive investment, by companies like Cargill, Bunge, and Glencore, in grain-handling infrastructure and oilseed crush plants in Black Sea ports—have more than doubled Ukraine’s exports since 2012. It’s now among the top five exporters of several important grains and oilseeds, ranging from 10 percent of the world’s wheat exports to nearly half of the sunflower oil.

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Food Shortages?

We’re about to face massive energy and food shortages, and Biden’s solution is to ban drilling and put expensive and inefficient solar panels and windmills on what’s left of American farmland that hasn’t been bought up by China or BlackRock.

Sean Davis, The Federalist

Allowing foreign investors to buy up American land has been a problem for a long time. It may come back to bite us, and soon.

“Chinese officials have ambitious strategic plans for agricultural investments to reshape patterns of agricultural trade and increase China’s influence in global markets.”

USDA report from 2018

There are a handful of states that have laws against foreign buyers of farmland, and the USDA is supposed to monitor foreign entities. They haven’t done so since 2014, according to

The question remains: will there be a food shortage in America? There is a drought occurring in the West and Midwest at this time, which seriously affects crops. Fertilizer is at a huge premium in price, as are other items needed for crop production. Gas prices affect farmers too- they can’t make any money if they are paying gigantic prices for the diesel to run the tractors. California drought conditions have hurt the Sacramento Valley where a large percentage of the West’s produce is raised. And don’t forget that cities are encroaching on the US farmland as well, with the loss of 11 million acres of prime farmland in less than a generation.

I have never heard a president speak about food shortages, leaving Americans behind, winter of death, sad two years, lower your expectations…


It’s the perfect storm.


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