Florida House of Horrors (video)

By Faye Higbee

Hernando Deputies responded to the home of Nikole Dykema, 47, in Brooksville,  Florida to serve multiple felony warrants. As they arrived, they noticed her looking at them through a broken window. Things went down hill from there.

florida house of horrors

Nikole Dykema and her house of horrors

Florida House of Horrors

She disappeared back into the home and then started cursing at the officers, telling them to leave her property. They called for backup.

When other officers arrived, they attempted to force their way into the home, but were met with Nikole, wielding a machete or sword.

tbo.com wrote,

Dykema tried to stab one sergeant, missing his face and head by inches, according to the release.

She then retreated back into the home and deputies could see her hiding behind a blanket with a sword, deputies said.

A deputy shot a bean bag at Dykema but it had no effect, deputies said.

A crisis response team arrived and took over negotiations.

Knives, knives, everywhere knives….and fake body parts, a satanic shrine…

Dykema retreated back into the home into a room that  had about 500 bladed weapons. Officers saw several other rooms with about that many weapons in them as well.  One room had an altar covered with pentagrams.


She picked up some of the weapons and advanced toward police. Officers told her to drop the weapons  but she refused. Police shot her with beanbags in the leg and abdomen, but it had no effect. She retreated back into the room and police attempted to continue negotiations.

When she came out of her hiding place, officers were able to use a stun gun on her and managed to place her in custody.

Dykema ultimately had 3,714 bladed weapons from knives to machetes and swords in her residence, which was littered with human waste. She also had many fake hands, legs, and feet that appeared to be chopped off of mannequins for some sort of satanic ritual.

Neighbors were spooked by her behavior for a long time, and were convinced she’d have cut their heads of if they had gone to her door.  After she is charged with the warrants, police say they will get her the help she needs.