Florida, Georgia, Arizona Vote Theft? Spurious Ballots Suddenly Turn Up in Key Races

By Faye Higbee

All of a sudden, more ballots have been discovered in races that went to the Republicans. Fancy that. Senator Marco Rubio drew attention to the possibility of vote theft when three rented Enterprise trucks suddenly appeared in Broward county with more Democrat ballots in them. According to an article in Fox News,  a lawsuit has been filed and questions have been raised. There is a chain of custody for ballots, but somehow these private vehicles were suddenly moving them.

“Under law county must upload by 7 p.m. day BEFORE election ALL early votes canvassed & tabulated by end of early voting & report results within 30 minutes of polls close 60 hours after that deadline only 1 of 67 counties is still counting early votes, .” … The incompetence of & the violation of reporting requirements by elections dept could impact more than just the outcome.

The last thing our already dangerously divided nation needs is an important election 1/2 our people believe was rigged by the other 1/2.” Marco Rubio

He is correct. So right off the top, Broward county is in violation of Florida law. The private trucks transporting ballots strongly suggest fraud. Between that and an election supervisor who has a past history of fraud, there is something fishy going on.

Brenda Snipes. This is the woman who was caught illegally destroying ballots (and she’s STILL the Broward county election supervisor). Think about the level of corruption that has to be in place for that to happen.

Rick Scott has filed a lawsuit against two heavily Democratic counties, Broward and Palm Beach county. President Trump said he is sending lawyers to help Rick Scott and expose the fraud, and thanked Senator Rubio for showing the issue.

Contested Arizona Senate race has been thrown into confusion. More votes being still counted has caused US Air Force veteran Martha McSally to lose ground and extreme leftist Kristen Sinema to pull ahead.  Arizona was once a firmly RED state and very conservative. Something is wrong there.

Georgia is in the same situation. Leftist Stacey Abrams was battling against Brian Kemp for governor. Now that race is up in the air because of “more ballots.”

Featured photo: screenshot – three truck loads of “provisional ballots” suddenly turn up in Florida.