Florida Expansion of Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program

By Faye Higbee

The Florida expansion of the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program now allows some teachers to be armed on campus. Not all teachers, just those who are willing to submit to 144 hours of training,  as well as pass psychological and drug tests. The expansion went into effect on October 1. Previously only  school personnel other than teachers were allowed to take the training to be armed.

But one former Parkland student seems to think teachers aren’t competent enough to be armed. Cameron Kasky was one of the first people to suggest that training would be needed for teachers to be armed. Now that it has come to pass, he think it’s “asinine.”

Media reports stated:

“Parkland activist Cameron Kasky says a new Florida law that allows some teachers to carry firearms on campus is “asinine.”

“The notion that my chemistry teacher is expected to have any sort of control of a situation where there’s a mass shooting or some sort of violence among students is incredibly dangerous,” Kasky said Tuesday on “Anderson Cooper Full Circle.”
As of October 1, some Florida teachers can carry firearms on campus.”
So we have an anti-gun activist who was one of the first to suggest training back in 2018 now saying it’s “asinine” to have training because teachers aren’t competent enough to handle a mass shooting situation.
So let’s think about that for a minute. Police officers generally get approximately 110 hours of training in those kinds of scenarios. The guardians will get 144 hours. They probably won’t be perfect…but they won’t be incompetent. Even police are not perfect in major incidents. But the chances of protecting the students are much higher with armed personnel than without.
Stopping a mass shooter is the point behind arming staff. Anti-gun activists hate gun programs that might save the lives of students. If the teacher can aim a weapon, they can stop a mass murder. That, Mr. Kasky, is not “asinine.”
Featured photo: Cameron Kasky at anti-gun rally via Wikimedia.
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