Florida Democrat Uses the “Race Card” Against GOP Opponent

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Front Runner Florida Gubernational Candidate Adam Putnam, current Agriculture Commissioner of Florida, stands strongly against Sanctuary Cities. Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum, current Mayor of Tallahassee, is also in the race for Governor, only as a proponent of Sanctuary cities. As usual with liberals, when they can’t discuss things in a civilized manner, they resort to insults and accusations.

There it is, the race card. The liberal view presumes that Conservatives are all racist and can’t represent all of the people… an erroneous view.

The Tweet developed after Mr. Putnam stated that Gillum wanted to make Florida a Sanctuary State, a view which stemmed from a series of Mr. Gillum tweets complaining about Trump’s policies. That view was rated as “half-true” by Politifact. But Mr. Gillum didn’t answer the issue, he simply accused Putnam of being racist. And some of his own statements have been rated as “mostly false.”

But Mr. Gillum has problems of his own to address:

Desperate measure? Insults instead of content?

Serious questions about Mr. Gillum’s campaign were raised after Politifact Florida called him out on the actual number of supporters in his campaign, and the fact that he’s been running in the red for some time. There are question Mr. Gillum must answer, not only on the issues, but about his own campaign:

Florida politics reported,

“Despite a  PolitiFact ruling six months ago that showed the Tallahassee Mayor’s campaign lied about the number of its supporters, Gillum and his staff are continuing to mislead voters and the press about the size of this fledgling operation.

On June 9, the Gillum for Governor campaign said: “We’re excited to have more than 7,000 contributors, the most in the race, and we’re raising the resources to compete in all 67 counties.”

“Mostly false,” PolitiFact ruled the following week.

Yet, last week, speaking at Cafe Con Tampa, Gillum reportedly said: “I want you to know that we’ve got over 11 thousand — last I counted — individual contributors.”

The very same group that called Mr. Putnam’s statement “half true” called Gillum’s “mostly false.”

Why was a Middle East trip covered up?

When the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper in November 2017 came out with the story of Andrew Gillum’s trip to Qatar in 2016 in which he finegaled his buddy Adam Corey to be a part of the conference he was attending, things get interesting. He never told anyone about the trip.

Adam Corey was under investigation by the FBI for certain redevelopment deals that caused him to drop all of his lobbying clients  and cancel his lobbyist registration back in August, according to the Journal and Courier. Corey, (and his restaurant The Edison), were among 8 names on Grand Jury subpeonas over deals made by the Tallahassee Community Redevelopment Agency.

He’s a close friend of Andrew Gillum. Close enough that Mr. Gillum asked the leaders of the Middle East conference to allow him to attend. He appears to have kept the whole thing a secret. Why?

The Tallahassee Democrat newspaper reported,

During the Memorial Day week of 2016, Mayor Andrew Gillum flew to Qatar to  participate in a conference on Middle Eastern economics sponsored by the UCLA Center for Middle Eastern Developments and the Permanent Committee for Organizing Conferences of the Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Gillum also pulled some strings to get his longtime friend and lobbyist Adam Corey, who happened to be traveling in the area around the same time, into the conference.

In politics, seeing through the attack rhetoric to find the truth is important.  While there are always questions about any candidate for public office, and the back and forth with issues is always heated with claims on both sides, the sad fact is that attacks like “the racist” comment are a liberal tactic to move the conversation away from the issue at hand.


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