Florida Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate: An Expensive Choice

By Faye Higbee

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum is the Progressive Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate. But all Floridians might want to be aware of some of the things this man has said, and what his plans are for your pocketbooks and your freedoms. And it’s not cheap on either count.

Belligerent campaign members

Gillum’s youth outreach Director, Manny Orozco-Ballestas, wore a t-shirt that said blue states form “The United States of America,” while the red states are labeled “Dumbf—istan.” When the Florida Republican Party demanded he be fired, their spokeperson said, “we won’t be lectured about words by the Party of Trump.” That’s belligerent. They said they talked to the person, but that’s all. They claim to be concerned about “hate speech” but will not act on hate speech by their own people.

Manny Orozco-Ballestas -screenshot

Update: Orozco-Ballestas has been terminated from the Gillum campaign due to threats against Trump from 2013.

Be aware the that Gillum has also been pushing the campaign to get Florida’s young people registered to vote. He is counting on their votes to get him into office. That means you have a job to do in order to beat him. Keep in mind that if Republicans lose Florida, it will affect the entire state. Florida is a key swing state that helped elect Donald Trump, so it may also affect the nation.

On Dr Ford:

[Note: She didn’t bring “sunlight” to DC, she brought division and chaos and endangered the entire American legal process. Due process will be completely dead if these ridiculous charges derail Brett Kavanaugh.]

On spending for education

Dear Florida, your budget is about to take a nose dive if you vote for this guy as Governor. “More than $1 Billion” of YOUR hard-earned money HE wants to invest. He seems to believe that money belongs to him. Not. It belongs to the people of Florida. OBVIOUSLY education is important to help children along the path of life. But throwing money at the issue is not necessarily the best plan.

On Healthcare and Medicaid Expansion- Big Bucks

Healthcare is not a right- it is a privilege. The cost of programs like Obamacare (which is based upon that same socialist premise) has been astronomical for every ordinary American. We’ve paid for all the people who do not have health insurance with exceedingly high premiums. Expanding Medicaid will cost every Floridian significantly more money.

Hillary’s team

Dear Florida- this Florida Democrat Gubernatorial candidate is ‘with her.’ Lovely. The loser will be campaigning for Andrew Gillum on October 23. All Trump supporters should show up with MAGA hats, T-Shirts, and campaign signs for DeSantis. Make Mr. Gillum feel right at home. Make Hillary go home.

Gillum doesn’t class himself as a Socialist, he simply calls himself a progressive. He says he wants to “stand with Puerto Rico” and make everything “equal.”


Lingering questions of corruption have followed him since he’s been the Mayor of Tallahassee. Though the investigation into his friend  Adam Corey’s alleged corruption has not targeted him, it has become a point of reference.

“I don’t think anybody expected Mayor Gillum to be the nominee, but now he is, and all of this stuff is going to come under really close scrutiny. And it’s not going to look good for our city.” Ben Wilcox, research director for Integrity Florida, a watchdog group to the New York Times.

No 2nd Amendment for this guy

Andrew Gillum won a case against the Florida Gun Lobby in 2017…which simply means he is not a supporter of the 2nd Amendment. He is not a fan of the NRA.

Citylab reported,

Mayor Gillum is nevertheless claiming the decision as a victory against the gun lobby. “We Beat the NRA and You Can, Too,” reads the headline to his Medium post published on Tuesday. A closer look at the case shows that a larger battle between progressive cities and conservative states still looms.

Calling the opposition “racist” for an off handed remark

Because Ron DeSantis said that he was hoping  people didn’t “monkey up” the election, Gillum’s side immediately called him a racist, as if he was calling Gillum a monkey. That’s not the context of his remark at all, and it was not racist. But the chip on their shoulders is more like a 2×4, so no matter what he says there will be name-calling. It’s the Democrat way. DeSantis has fallen behind in the polls, so get to work.

Gillum has been endorsed by Bernie Sanders, who is an admitted “Democratic Socialist.” And then there’s Hillary. These are big names, but are they popular with Floridians? Get out and vote Republican- Ron DeSantis- in November.