Florida Bank Robbery Turns into Hostage Situation

By Faye Higbee

A Jacksonville, Florida bank robbery turned into a hostage situation on Thursday morning. The call for a robbery in progress with shots fired at Community First Credit Union on Edgewood came in at 9:06 a.m. local time. Officers arrived and found the suspect holding 11 hostages. Eventually, the suspect was taken into custody, and all hostages released.


Robbery went sideways

The would-be robber got no money, but he may get many years in prison.

One witness, who was going through the drive- thru, said they could see several tellers with their hands up being herded toward the bank vault.

Anxious family members showed up when they could not reach their relatives employed at the bank. Onlookers lined the area, watching the situation.

Good Shepherd School and Daycare nearby was placed on lockdown as the incident unfolded.

Police negotiated with the suspect, and 2 hours after it began, the suspect reportedly surrendered. All 11 hostages were safely released. Immensely relieved family members were allowed to greet their loved ones after police spoke with them and medical checked them out.

Reports of someone shot in the initial shots fired call were not accurate, according to Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. Various agencies and a heavily armored SWAT team responded. The suspect was said to be armed with a handgun.

Police are currently attempting to identify the suspect, as the name given in a press briefing was apparently not correct.

Here are some tweets from a news reporter, Shelby Danielson, who was on scene from the beginning: