Florida Agriculture Secretary Nikki Fried – Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

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Nikki Fried, Florida Agriculture Secretary, is the only Democrat holding a State office.  And as we have previously reported, she’s no friend of concealed carriers (overseeing CCW permits is one of her jobs). Up until now, she has remained relatively quiet on changing CCW regulations. She is making her move to overhaul the concealed carry process.

WCTV wrote:

Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried is asking the state legislature to implement sweeping changes to the concealed carry process in Florida.

She wants to keep fingerprints for concealed carry holders on file for five years and also reduce the renewal period from seven to five years.

In addition she wants to require applicants take a concealed carry course each time they renew their license, not just when they first apply.

“If you have gone through a course one year and then you’ve waited five or seven years, haven’t picked up your gun again, haven’t cleaned it, haven’t gone back to the range your likelihood of you harming yourself if you need it increases,” said Fried.

There it is, the time worn mantra of liberals: gun “safety.”

First, this is a way to generate money for the State of Florida. Have the licenses renewed every 5 years instead of 7, would grab money. It would also cost some serious more bucks for concealed carriers if they have to take another course every time they renew.

She’s wrong about concealed carriers never picking up their guns. Most of them take classes on their own and carry all the time. She might be correct with an ordinary gun owner who has a gun laying around in the house or in the closet, but not a concealed carrier.

Turns out she’s not the only one wanting to change the system: Florida Rep Al Jacquet (D) wants all concealed carriers to have a doctor’s note stating that they are not mentally ill (mandatory mental health evaluations for people seeking a concealed-carry permit), according to Bearing Arms.  But the problem is that if you change one thing, it makes it easier to change more.

Fried says she welcomes Jacquet to have ideas that help stop gun violence.

“Everyone deserves a seat at the table for discussion.” Nikki Fried 

Once again: this is a tired old mantra pushed by anti-gunners – that concealed carriers are part of the problem of gun violence. So it really is not about “safety” at all.

Featured photo: File – Nikkie Fried campaign


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