First Biden Press Conference: Avalanche of Stupid

America is caught in an avalanche of stupid. The first Biden Press Conference went exactly how you’d expect: he was confused, appeared to lose his train of thought, ignorant of what he was even talking about. He used cheat sheets with the faces of reporters and canned answers to soft ball questions from the limited number of reporters in the room (25). It was embarassing. And it’s Democrats’ fault.

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In the First Biden Press Conference he brought up Jim Crowe in reference to Republican voting laws by saying they make “Jim Crowe look like Jim Eagle.” The statement angered GOP Rep Byron Donalds, who is Black, calling Biden’s statement “irresponsible.” (Fox)

The first Biden Press Conference was 62 minutes long. In that time he fielded a whopping 10 questions. TEN. That’s only one question very 6 minutes or so. He had cheat sheets of the faces of reporters, some of whom were circled with a number beside them. It leads us to believe that who got to ask questions was preset in advance. And the administration is rumored to have asked reporters to send in their questions prior to the press conference. You know, so Poor Biden could have time to prepare. (It took him 9 days, by the way).

Screenshot of Biden’s notes via New York Post

New photos reveal several cheat sheets used by President Joe Biden during his Thursday press conference — including one with the headshots and names of reporters he planned to call on…

…But despite having the answers in front of him, Biden still slipped up, saying America ranked 85th in the world in infrastructure, before correcting himself.

New York Post

Shortened version of the presser:

“I came to the Senate 120 years ago.” Seriously? He looks that old and acts that old, but was that a gaffe or a joke? A pollster who watched the realtime reactions of people said that the GOP gave him an F, Independents a D, and Democrats an A. While Biden claimed that the GOP was on his side, the polls say only 10% of Republicans are in favor of his policies. He completely screwed up his “unity” message by taking a swipe at Trump and the GOP by saying he “didn’t even know if there was a Republican Party.”

His presser revealed why he’s such a mess: he’s teetering on a total brain failure. Democrats are propping him up wtih cheat sheets that he can’t even follow.

This whole thing is embrassing, not just for our country, but for the White House Press Corps.

Here’s the full press conference, if you have the stomach for it.


Featured photo: Screenshot of Biden’s press list via New York Post

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