First Amendment Down, 2A to Go? Gun Control Groups Gear Up.

By Faye Higbee

The First Amendment has been severely compromised, thanks to the censorship of leftists in Big Tech. But gun control groups are aiming for the Big One: the Second Amendment, and using rhetoric like “insurrection” to push it forward. And that’s not counting the screaming of “terrorists” coming from the idiots at CNN. Or the US Attorney considering “sedition” charges against the people who “stormed” the Capitol on January 6. (Reuters)

But the gun control groups are gearing up to push that rhetoric as far as they can. Remember that quote? “Never let a good crisis go to waste?” They are not letting it go to waste. Here’s a few of the tweets from the “coalition to Stop Gun Violence”:

Newsflash: The NRA did not cause the violence in DC on January 6th.

Note who is still on Twitter, after they yanked off President Trump, Michael Flynn, and Sidney Powell.

Gun Control Groups Agenda would not have stopped January 6th

Here’s where truth comes in: The man from Michigan, Logan Grimes, who was arrested in DC with a gun was NOT a Trump supporter, and neither is his father. The unarmed veteran shot by Capitol Police was a fan of “Q” and just wanted to be part of the “storm.” She made an unwise choice and lost her life because of it. But the problem is that now the gun control groups are rapidly pushing a totally unconstitutional agenda. And none of it would have stopped January 6th in DC.

Even in Michigan, the Democrats are revisiting the day that legally armed citizens walked into the Capitol building in Lansing. They didn’t “storm” the building, they walked into it. But that doesn’t matter: the divisive rhetoric has gone off the rails.

“The blood will be on the hands of anyone in any type of power, who has a platform, who does not use that platform to lower the temperature and anyone who does not vote in favor of banning guns in the state capitol building and holding lawmakers accountable, who continue to incite violence.”

Michigan State Rep Sarah Anthony, D-Lansing (Bearing Arms)

“Blood on their hands.” “Terrorists.” “Insurrection.” This kind of rhetoric stirs up the uninformed, the people who watch outlets like MSNBC and CNN. The Biden administration has made hundreds of comments about getting your guns. Will our Constitution be ravaged even further? Be aware.


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