Fifth Circuit Court Dumps Challenge to Campus Carry

By Faye Higbee

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals dumped a challenge to the Texas Campus Carry  law that went into effect in 2016. The challenge was brought by three professors who said that having guns in the classroom would have a “chilling” affect on classroom discussions. They challenged it on the basis of the First Amendment, Second Amendment, and 14th Amendment. Didn’t fly.

“The lawsuit was filed because the professors disagreed with the law, not because they had any legal substance to their claim. The right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed for all Americans, including college students, and the 5th Circuit’s decision prevents that right from being stripped away by three individuals who oppose the law enacted by the legislature.” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton according to KVEO

A US District Court had originally dismissed the professors’ case against the law back in 2017. So they appealed it. And apparently they have little knowledge of the Constitution, or simply don’t care, because the court once again threw out the challenge.

The ruling can be read in total at this link. But in part it reads:

“Three professors from the University of Texas at Austin challenged a
Texas law permitting the concealed carry of handguns on campus and a
corresponding University policy prohibiting professors from banning such weapons in their classrooms. The professors argued that the law and policy violate the First Amendment, Second Amendment, and Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. The district court dismissed the claims. We AFFIRM.”

Yes, they can appeal it once again to the Supreme Court. Recently, however, the court has failed to take up any cases involving guns and have let the lower court rulings stand. So if two courts have ruled against these professors, it’s likely the ruling will stand, or if we get a pro-second amendment Supreme Court justice onboard the court.

If the folks teaching our college students are so afraid of guns, let them move to Venezuela. We hear the citizens have fewer guns there.