FedEx Worker Saves American Flag from Protesters Who Tried to Burn It

By Faye Higbee

Matt Uhrin works for FedEx, and they have no plans to change his status after he intervened with protesters in Iowa City who tried to burn the American Flag.

One man was talking to the protesters, calling what they were doing treason, when Uhrin intervened.

He got the fire extinguisher out of his truck and marched- extinguisher in hand- right into the middle of the protesters, grabbed the flag out of their hands and walked back to his FedEx truck.

When they pushed on him and tried to stop him, he sprayed one of them with the extinguisher and shoved them back. A slight scuffle ensued, but he won it. His best statement of all was: “Get the F*** Out” as he walked away.

The protesters yelled obscenities, whined, and remarked that they were fighting “Fascism” in Iowa City, but the bare fact is…they are the Fascists.

Here is the video of the incident:

The video went viral, with people calling him a hero for saving the flag from the left wing nut jobs. Then people began to worry about Uhrin’s job with FedEx, and started an online petition to make sure he kept it.

As of yesterday it had collected 3,000 signatures. But yesterday also, FedEx replied that they had reviewed the situation and did not plan to fire him over it.

The Press-Citizen reported,

“The protesters on the ped mall were burning flags in a stand against racial and social injustice and U.S. imperialism, members of the group said, and the demonstration was not intended to oppose military veterans…

“When I see the flag, I see racial injustice,” Paul Osgerby of Iowa City said Thursday. “I see social injustice from Native American genocide to African-American slavery to failing to recognize women as citizens until the 20th century.”

Osgerby, 23, and Kelli Ebensberger, 21, were both charged with violating Iowa City’s public burn ordinance, a simple misdemeanor punishable by up to 30 days in jail or a fine of up to $625. They are both scheduled to appear at the Johnson County Courthouse on Feb. 23 at 8 a.m.

Iowa City Police Sgt. Scott Gaarde said the two were charged because they failed to seek a permit from the fire department to burn the flags, not because of what they were burning. An Iowa law making it illegal to defile, cast contempt upon, satirize or deride a flag was declared unconstitutional in December 2014.”

Many on Twitter called Uhrin a hero, others said he assaulted the protesters. Conservative personality Ann Coulter tweeted that from now on she was using the delivery service.

The fact is, their actions DID disrespect veterans. And if they see racism in the flag of the United States of America, then they are certainly free to leave. We don’t even care if they let the door hit them on the butt on the way out.


Featured photo: Screenshot of Max Uhrin scuffling with protesters.