Federal Worker Vax Mandate Blocked by Court Nationwide

Faye Higbee
federal worker vax mandate

The Federal worker vax mandate was blocked by a Federal judge on Friday. The Biden administration immediately appealed the decision to the 5th Circuit Court. This same thing occurred with the OSHA mandate for businesses over 100 employees – first it was blocked, then it was appealed and the block was lifted, then the Supreme Court knocked it down. Will the same thing happen here?

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US District Court Judge Jeffrey Brown ruled that the Biden administration has no authority to impose a vax mandate on Federal workers.

According to Federal law, the government “may prescribe regulations for the conduct of employees in the executive branch.” The judge stated that a vaccine mandate is not about “workplace conduct.”

So, is submitting to a COVID-19 vaccine, particularly when required as a condition of one’s employment, workplace conduct? The answer to this question became a lot clearer after the Supreme Court’s ruling earlier this month.

The Supreme Court has expressly held that a COVID-19 vaccine mandate is not an employment regulation. And that means the President was without statutory authority to issue the federal worker mandate.

Judge Brown in his 20-page ruling

The judge stated that unless he blocked the Federal Worker vax mandate now, there were hundreds of people that would lose their jobs. So he issued a nationwide order, saying that Biden reached beyond his statutory authority.

The 6,000+ members of Feds for Medical Freedom want nothing more than to continue their service to this country without being subjected to unconstitutional mandates. For the time being, the court’s ruling grants them that wish, but the fight is far from over. We will continue to pursue every lawful avenue available to ensure our members’ rights are respected and their service is honored appropriately

Marcus Thornton, Feds for Medical Freedom

It’s a victory, albeit temporary, for Federal workers. But the litigation will continue until it reaches the Supreme Court.


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