FBI Raids Home And Office of Rep Henry Cuellar (D-TX)

Faye Higbee
Henry Cuellar

The Feds aren’t talking, but eveyone else is, after the FBI raided both the home and campaign office of Rep Henry Cuellar (D-TX) on Wednesday in Laredo, Texas. Interestingly, reporters were at the scene to take pictures, and his Democrat challenger Jessica Cisneros tweeted that she was watching the situation closely. Keep in mind that Cuellar has been a vocal critic of Biden’s open border policy and hasn’t been been afraid to ask him for help. The FBI only stated that they were there for a “court authorized law enforcement action.” The Epoch Times

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Congressman Cuellar will fully cooperate in any investigation. He is committed to ensuring that justice and the law are upheld.

Cuellar spokesperson

Boxes, bins, a computer and bags from the search were loaded into a Federal vehicle.

Henry Cuellar has represented the 28th district of Texas since 2005, and is considered a “moderate” Democrat. His 28th district touches the US-Mexico border. Seeing firsthand the issues of having illegal immigrants flood across the US border, he has made a strong stand on that issue. It’s a stand which has not made him popular among Progressives. Just one month ago he criticized VP Harris’ lack of response to the border crisis.

Henry Cuellar (screenshot)

Cisneros and his other challenger Democrat Tannya Benavides have criticized Cuellar frequently for working with Republicans on certain issues. They want a more progressive Democrat. Cuellar beat Cisneros by around 2,700 votes the last time around, but since we have no idea of why the FBI raided his home, that margin could be severely diminished in the Primary.

His Democrat challengers and the leftist publication The Intercept have all accused Henry Cuellar of being “unethical.” There are numerous other members of Congress and even Biden himself that should be under investigation but are not.


Featured screenshot via Twitter (@ValOnTheBorder)

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