FBI Justifies Shooting Rancher; Ammon Tells Followers to Go Home

By Faye Higbee

FBI Justifies Shooting Rancher; Ammon Tells Followers to Go Home

The FBI today said that LaVoy Finicum reached toward his waistband where he had a gun, and they say they have the video to prove it. They have not yet released the video, but are “thinking about it” to counter the claims that he was shot while trying to surrender.
Update: the video has been released.

This is the uncut video- just released by the FBI. It appears that he did head towards his waistband, but it may have been to disarm rather than shoot. We’ll never know now, ad the video was shot from a long distance away.

Go Home

Meanwhile, Thursday, three more people were arrested. One of them was Jason Patrick, who had emerged as the leader after the incident on Tuesday. The other two, Dylan Anderson and Duane Ehmer, were also placed in custody.

Ammon Bundy, through his attorney, told his followers
“I love you, go home.”

Mr. Patrick emerged from the refuge today and was immediately arrested, something which sounded like betrayal to patriot groups who had allegedly been assured of his safe passage. That perception is what prompted the call.

One left

According to the Oregonian early on Thursday just four people were left at the refuge, after one took off this morning for Montana. The four remaining just wanted to go home, but were hoping to avoid federal charges and attempting to negotiate with the FBI.

As of late this afternoon, most reports say only one person remains at the refuge.

At around 4:25 pm local time, the main checkpoint into the refuge was removed. And one man came through the checkpoint in an FBI vehicle.

So what do you think –  is it over?

This video was done by David Fry, one of the last holdouts at the refuge. He describes people fleeing  as soon as the news of the arrests broke on Tuesday night. He also describes people leaving their weapons behind.