Falcons Fail to “Rise Up”, Former Democrat State Senator Takes to Gutterspeak

By Dave Emanuel

“Rise Up” is the cheer favored by Atlanta Falcons fans to urge the team on to victory. And although the Falcons did “rise up” numerous times this season, they haven’t done it often enough in the past to be champion contenders. It has been decades since the team played in a Super Bowl game. Fans were obviously ecstatic when the team not only made it to the big game, but surged to a 25-point lead. The euphoria came to an end when the team appeared to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Politicizing football

For many viewers, the 51st Super Bowl was simply an exciting football game between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. But in 2017, nothing appears immune to becoming politicized.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, head coach Bill Belichick and team owner Bob Kraft apparently have a friendly relationship with President Trump, and that is sufficient for some people to equate a Patriots win with a victory for Trump, the alt-right and “White America” (as was done in a tweet).

In fact, the Super Bowl is just a football game, the ultimate game for professional teams, but simply a football game nonetheless. It may viewed as a clash of good against evil, novice against veteran, young against old or any of a hundred other metaphors, but it is void of actual political implications.

It’s just a game

Associating it with a victory for any political figure or agenda is a display of ignorance, and in this case bigotry. Tweets such as the one above are typically best left unanswered, something that former Democrat Georgia State Senator Jason Carter (former president Jimmy Carter’s grandson) may come to realize some day. By responding “F*ck you” to the tweet, Carter descended to the same level of gutterspeak as the original poster.

The original post is despicable and reminiscent of playground trash talk. While it is altogether appropriate to respond, it is inappropriate, especially for a former elected official, (and probably future candidate) to respond in kind. Surely, Carter has less reprehensible words and more elegant thoughts in his vocabulary.

One would expect someone in Carter’s position to “rise up” above the din and clatter of ignorance and divisiveness, rather than contributing to it.