Fake News? What about fake hate crimes?

The Mainstream Media is always quick to jump on stories about “hate crimes.” They want to champion the underdog and beat up the bad guys. Some involved accusing Trump supporters, some did not. Of course there are very real, absolutely despicable crimes of racism and hate. But on occasion some turn out to be fake hate crimes. Let’s look at a few over the last couple of years.

Can’t believe everybody

Lately we have seen a Muslim woman, Yasmin Seweid, arrested because she falsely accused Trump supporters of attacking her (which turned out to be a ploy to get her dad off her back for drinking and dating a Catholic). The Mainstream Media was all over that one.


Then in 2015, a string of arson fires in St Louis at predominantly black churches had the media in a tither about it being a white neo-nazi – but turned out to be a black guy, David Lopez Jackson.


Then there were two Babson College students who were falsely accused of harassing black students and making ‘racist’ remarks. They were yelling “Make America Great again” after President-Elect Trump’s victory. They were just cleared of the charges on Friday.


Then there was the story about a black man in Mississippi who allegedly burned the church he attended and tried to pin it on Trump supporters.

Andrew McClinton

Andrew McClinton of Leland, Mississippi was arrested for arson after he allegedly burned the Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church and spray painted “Vote Trump” on it on November 1.

His fake crime ended up having the entire Congregation moving to a predominantly white church for worship.

So the left is monitoring the right wing for “fake news.” What do they say about fake hate crimes?