Fake News? Is that Migrant Woman Photograph Staged?

It was all over the news yesterday- that dastardly President Trump lobbing tear gas at a mother and babies as they fled. Only…according to the Daily Wire, there’s a few things wrong with it. The migrant woman photograph may not be what it appears – was it staged?

The photo was taken by Kim Kyung-Hoon for Reuters.

Here are a couple of things pointed out by those who looked at the photo:

“They just want to get the best shot”

Comments on the photo appeared to agree that it was contrived.

Stephen: This is the picture from the Post that was shown on Fox and Friends this am. You can see that the Post headline covered up the people in the back ground posing for a photographer.

Jason: A picture elicits emotion better than words. I’m trying to determine what this woman is running from. The smoke is upwind and 50ft away.

Jose: What’s with the 5 – 6 year old in diapers?

Tom: Is ANYONE in that photo rubbing their eyes?
Tear gas irritates the eyes; hence, the name.
It’s not hard to avoid the gas from a single canister.

Frank: Some reporter doesn’t know the difference between tear gas canister and a smoke bomb…like not being able to tell the difference between an *expletive and a hole in the ground!?

Elle: Note the site of the tear gas/spray is nowhere near the female with the two young girls.

Alice: My question would be…what kind of mother would bring her kids thru a long walk amongst mostly men, where we know that rape is the norm. And there would be fighting at the end??

And that is probably the most significant issue of all- would a good mother drag her kids 2900 miles with mostly men when they know full well that rape and sexual abuse is common. The entire narrative smells  from our perspective.

Remember the photo of the little girl who was supposedly “separated from her mother” at the border, who really wasn’t separated? But the photo went to the cover of Time Magazine when it was totally fake news? Even Snopes said that was ok because photographers always “stage” pictures to get the best pose. They said the same for a fake photo of Anderson Cooper up to his hips in flood waters when he was actually standing in a hole.

Don’t believe everything you see. Some of it is fake. Eric Swalwell, take note.


Featured photo: Screenshot via Reuters